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Few are those who can see with their own eyes and hear with their own hearts. - Albert Einstein
Friday, April 25, 2014
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I think that one of the quotes should be removed!


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 25-08-07 23:06
Capitalism is an Island of wealth in a sea of poverty

I think that this quote should be removed for the following reasons:

A. Can any one prove or "show" that any historical, not theoretical( explicitly excluding Marxist fans from this debate.), command or "communist" system prove to be any different?

B. A Free market may consist of many "Island(s)" -plural- of wealth but in what way does this system prevent anyone from obtaining the same wealth? The quote as it is stated seems to refer to Capitalism in a negative fashion... meaning that the one who wrote this may have felt that the Free Market has somehow excluded, or rejected them! Also, this would mean that the person that added the saying to the .txt file of sayings, too felt the same way. Now, could this just be because these people were not savvy enough to make their way up the ladder thus, displaying or writing this saying out of an act of frustration with their own inadequacy ? Hmmm.. could be!.

C. This quote is disrespectful to millions of people!(the quote: "sea" ) Just because neither I nor my neighbor are CEOs or in any other way are to be considered wealthy mean that we are living in Poverty ? ? Well, I will have you know we both live in very nice houses and have more then one car each and have decent paying jobs. But, I would not consider either of us wealthy, although if we worked hard, combined our resources, and gave it an honest effort I believe that we could make, or create some thing that the world economy might want, thereby building our own Island of wealth! this would of course prove the quoted saying to be inaccurate, and incorrect.

comments please.

Pokjo Wink

Edited by on 26-08-07 00:49

RE: I think that one of the quotes should be removed!


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 25-08-07 23:20
wow.. thats a bit much.. i think all the quote is supposed to mean.. is that the world, as a whole, is suffering. The few nations that are prosperous, are in fact an Island in this 'sea' of overwelming poverty. in Capitalism.. it just makes sense that anyone 'could' have a chance at achieving their goals.. whereas in other 'ideals' there is no chance, but a hierarchy of things where the poor stay poor forever and the rich stay rich forever, which only separates people from one another.