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Society leans ever heavily on computers, if you have the power to take out computers you can take out society. - cubeman372
Sunday, March 29, 2015
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RE: How would i....


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 22-08-05 09:47
xJorDyx wrote:
ok i was googleing on how to make viruses and i found some batch commands surch as del * etc etc and i made a very basic virus that shut down the computer and i wanted to try it on a friend but i tried sending it accros msn messanger and one of its blocked file extensions is .bat so what i really want to know is there anyway i can disguise it as a different file, like rename it once the program is run reaname it back to a .bat then run it ....can anyone explain to me how i would do this
This is usually the reason I say not to code in Batch, because of the extremely limited functionality. Now what you could do is rename the file to .msn or something like that (just some madeup extension) and then tell the person to rename it when they get it. Note that I'm unsure of whether this will leave you in success or not, I'm not sure what extensions MSN Messenger blocks and allows.

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