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Monday, March 01, 2021
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Posted on 05-10-07 22:03
Ok, this is sorta a mini guide, cos i think its cool, and also stupid on M$'s part.

You will need...
one blank DVD
one blank cd
one computer with a windows operating system of your choice (mines vista home premium)
people to buy the os
Windows AIK (google it)
nero/alchohol 120%/iso burner

What to do...
Ok, you need to start by burning the Windows AIK .img to a blank dvd, i used nero ( Pfft)..

Install it and goto tools>PETools and "copype.cmd x86 c:\pe". You can change architecture to 64 bit if you want. This will copy the files to c:\pe and then your ready for the os img.

now you can browse to that directory and put any tools you want into this. Make sure u include imagex and a crack for the OS (not always necessary). Just create a sub directory system in the iso folder and drag and drop.

Then goto tools>x86 and run "imagex /capture c: c:\pe\name.wim "name here"". This creates the .wim of your os (windows img).

Go back to the PETools folder to create the .iso for burning. In a cmd window do "oscdimg -n -bc:\pe\ c:\pe\iso c:\pe"

now that should dump the iso into c:\pe. burn it and install via the boot cd. you need the .wim on a usb or another removable storage device too.