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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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HBH Summer 2006 Brighton Convention Details


Posts: 2468
Location: Brighton, UK
Joined: 30.11.04
Uber Elite
Posted on 19-05-06 15:41
HBH Summer 2006 Brighton Convention

Date: Monday 24th July
Ticket Price: £10 per person
Duration: 1 day
Maximum Places: 19

Day will consisit of:
- urban defacing
- free WiFi connection
- mini hacking compeitions within the group.
- Visual, audio and interactive lessons varying from basic - advanced skills.
- Speakers who will talk about and give demonstrations based on their area of expertiese.
- Chatting about computer / hacking related subjects.
- Pub in the evening (that provides wifi).

If you wish to know where brighton is, click on this link:

The offical event will last for one day, with all the computer related talks/lessons happening within that day.
There will be a option for people to stay the night and then travel back the next day. Ofcourse im happy to meet up with those people and continue the socializing for the second day. If people do with to stay the night, there are plenty of BnB's and hotels in brighton to suit your needs.

If people do live far away, or wish to stay at the pub later than 22:30 then accomodation can be found relitively cheap. <- £25 for one night. inc breakfast + tv+internet connection, etc etc

For more information on the night life in Brighton, click here:

------ The event structure ---------------
[plans could change depending on amount of members]
[ time frames are a good estimate, based on various topics to be discussed and distance to travel]

Morning (09:30)
- Meet the early commers
- Get coffee to wake us up
- Urban Defacing

Offical Start (11:30)
- Meet arrivers at train station
- Relocate to our main HQ
- present a few lessons / talks / lectures

[2 options]
- Can join the HBH Staff for lunch
- Explore brighton and have lunch on your own/in groups

- Travel to various WiFi hotspots in brighton and use WiFi(providing you bring laptops)
- See war driving in action
- Have war driving compeitions
- HBH Time (attempt yourself, or help others complete HBH challenges)
- Chat to other HBH members around the world

Lectures - part 2(15:30)
- further lectures / lessons / video demonstrations
- interactive demonstrations

Cafe (17:00)
- wind down at a cafe
- soclize and talk about computer/non-computer related topics

Break until evening - FREETIME (17:30)
- Members will be left to their own devices in brighton until later
- Have dinner
- explore brighton
- perhaps goto cinema
- etc etc etc (however you want to spend your free time)

Evening (20:00)
- meet at pub
- drink(people who look 21+, or have ID confirming age is 18)
- chat / socialize

Goodbye (10:45)
- members who arent staying in brighton get last train back home
- Remaining members have option to stay in pub or go clubbing (again depending on age)


Day 2 = late start, recover from hangovers, urban defacement, socializing, day 2 ends in late afternoon (so mr_cheese can recover and get some sleep)

You will need money for this day:
- Food (estimated: £5+)
- Drink (standard price for a pint is around £2.90)
- Accomodation (£10 - £20 for one night)
- Train (you'll have to research ticket price yourself)

*Recommended you bring a laptop or PDA*

If your interested in comming i suggest you purchase your ticket asap!!