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Thursday, November 26, 2015
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HBH Access via Backtrack via VMWare


Posts: 5
Location: G30rG14
Joined: 17.08.13
Posted on 23-08-13 20:47
Issue: Cannot login to HBH via Firefox in Backtrack 5r3

HBH hangs on the refresh after clicking submit for the login. I can maneuver through the site without the login however to do any challenges...Requires login...
page just stays blank with no further redirect or refresh of page. attempted second and further subsequent attempts at login. so far i have completed challenges
from same machine just without the Backtrack.

Attempts: First, I have access to the site and have enabled or rather allowed HBH site to basically have full access to scripts etc via global options.
I can Login fine and use the site and perform the challenges. However some of the challenges I assume need to be done via Firefox so my goal was to achieve
everything via Backtrack which I have no other ideas as to what could be blocking.

I have dumped firefox from my backtrack and re-installed and installed current java for firefox. I can access other sites but it only seems to be affected by
HBH site and the Username and Password login only.

This has to be something so ridiculous and simple I have just absolutely scanned over it and missed the solution... Smile Creating my own Challenges lol

Any help with access to the site via backtrack would be great, Thank You for your time and patience.

F33d 7h3 M0nK3y

RE: HBH Access via Backtrack via VMWare

Evil Sorcerer

Posts: 607
Location: England
Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 23-08-13 22:24
Posting from my backtrack install and i have no problems, i can also complete challenges, using firefox and chrome. I would suggest you move to kali linux as backtrack is outdated now.

RE: HBH Access via Backtrack via VMWare


Posts: 5
Location: G30rG14
Joined: 17.08.13
Posted on 24-08-13 08:05
Cool, i wasn't sure if anyone else had been able to do that which I should have mentioned in my OP. I will keep trudging along and see what else could be causing it.

Thanks Again

F33d 7h3 M0nK3y