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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Having some troubles.


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 15-02-09 21:21
I have been attempting many port scans on a host (yes, I acquired permission) and this host is driving me mad! He runs a Windows vista box, nod32 w/ threatfire, him and I discussed this. He has a netgear router and I have a headache!
All of the port scans I run, including the stealth's, the -sS and T0's. Only once has it said the host was up and I was scanning -p1-200 and they are all "filtered". He did include he added me to his fire settings to block my IP.
So where am I.
I will be at another address later trying to try some more out. There is no intention of affecting his computer, him and I just are seeing who can gain access first. Well that's not true. He wants me to get into him first and then the other way. I do not know why, just having some friendly fun.
Where I stand, my knees. No, only fooling, "id rather die on my feet."
Now, I have looked in many places for vista exploits, etc, yet I can't even seem to find what services my friend is running. Any help on how I could get some service or port information? I'm having 0 luck//skill. In which ways could I use a website to help me by uploading some scripts, or a shell. I did find one exploit on milw0rm but it is aimed at IE and we both use Firefox. Could someone ease my headache? Even if you are sharing knowledge behind Vista or the specified firewall.