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Sunday, May 03, 2015
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encryption/stegano challenge


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 05-01-08 23:44
It is possible all of you could care less about encryption. So I'm going to start this by saying that I'm not trying to post a hopelessly complex super-encryption. It's possible to do it in 10 minutes. The key is a stegano.


(spoilers below)
It is impossible to crack with a frequency analysis. If you want a hint, look at how the Second Beale Cypher was broken, And look at how to use a Vigenere table. Keep in mind the actual key is "hidden in main site" very plain sight. (not in the thread)

Sinse no one commented, I'm assuming no one wants to spend the time. Steg hint: if I had a stegano on a website, where would a place be that would give me some bragging rights when no one finds it?

Second hint: the last part "rough" is plain text. That gives you a hint as to what the key looks like. Specifically, it's leanth.

Let me know if I should explain it more/less. The key text isn't going to be edited any time soon, so I may as well leave the puzzle.

Edit: **ck it. **ck it with a rusty crowbar and no lube. No one is ever going to read this.

ANSWER? take the first letter of every word in the small paragraph "welcome to HBH." That's the key for the Vigenere table.

plaintext: dip the apple in the brew, let the sleeping death sleep through. It's from snow white & the seven dwarves.

Edited by on 08-01-08 06:07