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Sunday, July 05, 2015
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Buying MD5 Hash tables


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Joined: 22.02.07
Posted on 23-01-08 18:23
Anyone know a good place to buy a massive md5 hash table? I would make some my self but dont wanna waste 26 days making it. I have about 50 MD5 hashes i need to crack. So far i extracted 5 takes freaking ever to get the MD5 hash. Here is how i am doing it. I have a backup file from a server. I extracted the sam sucurity and system from the system32/config folder. Since i cant seem to find a old copy of chntpw(the new one auto finds the sam and u cant change the folder to where it looks ) I had to dig up my copy of knoppix std, since i know it had a older version of chntpw. Anyway i mount the HD with mount -o rw /dev/hda2 (which for some reason wont let me create a new file on the HD all i can do is edit files) then run chntpw choose a user name (from the sam from the server backup) and write down the MD5 hash.
LOL is there anyway to get the MD5 hash faster then going through this process. I tried to pipe the info to a .txt file but knoppix wont let me save the file the pipe creates to the HD. Any help here would be great. 1_4.gif

RE: Buying MD5 Hash tables


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 23-01-08 18:34
If you're willing to pay for the rainbow table then http://www.rainbo. . . sells various tables. They cost a couple of hundred dollars each depending on the size of it. But then you get the tables on a harddrive sent to you.

If you want free ones there are torrents out there. http://www.freera. .