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Sunday, April 22, 2018
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App cracking changing text


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 06-10-07 00:04
Well I need some help with the app cracking ones where you change text in a program, I have the hex editor XVI32 but I don't under stand what all the numbers mean I completed all the app cracking missions I've done with Notepad. Does anyone know a link on like how to use a text editor Because It's confusing me.


RE: App cracking changing text


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 06-10-07 00:18
I wrote out a really fucking good reply, but then Opera shit out on me, so I'll try again.

There's three basic steps, when you're getting starting with RCE utilizing so called "cracking challenges".

Baby step one: Requires using notepad to look at strings, like you've been exposed to so far. A four year old could do it.

Baby step two: Requires using a hex editor to look at and CHANGE strings. A four year old could be shown how to do it.

HUGE step three: Requires using a debugger/deadlister to analyze ASM code and understand what it does. This will also require a good head and a lot of background knowledge on API Calls, ASM code, and logic. A four year old, would cry.

It looks like you're getting started on step two.
I'll be nice, because I know the hex editor can be a tad daunting at first, if you haven't seen one before.

I use the same program you do, so we should be on the same page.

XVI32 is nice, because you actually don't have to know any of the ascii character's hex values in order to change the text data.

Simply make sure you're highlighting the area you want to change (using the mouse, or keyboard) and type, and the information in the text will be changed with what you put in. Also be sure that you're highlighting the actual text, NOT the hex values.

Four year old, remember?

The only challenge is knowing what to change, and that, I can't teach you.

Good luck.

AFTERTHOUGHT: I have to stress, that you really need to get used to learning how to use applications such as this one on your own if you want to really get into reversing. Programs like Ollydbg are FAR less friendly as far as providing an in depth manual (and later on, command line tools like gdb will give you a hell of a time if you're not comfortable looking things up on your own). So, learn by doing, and reading. Make mistakes, the program isn't going to explode and wipe your hard drive. You can learn a ton by pressing buttons and just trying things out, believe me, almost more then any manual (not quite, though).

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