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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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HellBound Hackers | Challenges | Application Cracking




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Posted on 01-02-06 21:56
I have run through the code in Notepad, Hex Editor and Olly(which is confusing the hell outta me) and I cannot find anything at all in the code. What am I missing?

PS the tutorial for Olly is not working. Just thought you would like to know.
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RE: App6


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Posted on 02-02-06 14:06
Use OllyDbg, invest a little time in it as it will benefit you rather the quick fixes.

1. Open up the program in ollydbg >> File >> open
2. Right Click in the CPU window and select [Search For] >> [All referenced text strings]
3. using the cursor keys, try and find the place where the check is being done.. i.e look for "LOGIN ERROR" etc
4. bookmark / set breakpoints on those areas (there are around 4-5 bits of text next to each other).... use F2 to do this
5. Run the program using the play button and enter a duff password and click on enter/login

The program will now break when it reaches your breakpoints, if you didnt set the properly, or your way off target then it will not break. Your aim here is to find a nice breakpoint that is between the CLICK of the enter password button, and the Messagebox saying your a looser. Hopefully lets assume you got there ok though.

single step the program using F8 and get the feel of it.
to re-run the program and restart the session, click on <<

thats about it... try to get the feel of it, and try guessing at the password from what you see on your screen Smile you will be suprised at how easy you will find it.

At least if you do it this way, you will figure out the following:-
* How to install ollydbg
* How to open a program using ollydbg
* how to search for string references
* how to bookmark / set breakpoints
* how to run the program under ollydbg
* how to single step in ollydbg

- Dj

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