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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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About how to write articles


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Posts: 8
Joined: 30.01.11
Posted on 25-03-11 16:30
The form for submitting articles gives you a few guidelines, but they're not enough. When it's for something like help for a challenge, there needs to be additional guidelines on exactly what constitutes a spoiler, and what does not. So far I've had 2 articles shot down, but I don't know where I crossed the line into Spoilersville. I had a look for an article on how to write good articles, but there aren't any around. It might be an idea for someone who knows how to put together good articles (particularly for challenges) to write articles, if they have the time.

Right now I'm at a loss on how I'm meant to write articles for challenges without them getting rejected due to having spoilers, or any other 'hidden' rules that may not be immediately obvious. I'm aware that admins may not have much time, but there's very little feedback, just a 1-liner stating why the article was declined, so I don't know how to fix the mistakes.

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RE: About how to write articles


Posts: 142
Location: The Netherlands
Joined: 23.02.08
Posted on 25-03-11 21:05
Here's my advice: just don't write articles about challenges. Write about topics that people actually might find interesting. If it does cover something challenge related, then include a small note about that or something like that.

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RE: About how to write articles


Posts: 112
Location: t0xik waste dump
Joined: 07.01.11
Posted on 25-03-11 23:45
While I agree that there are enough challenge articles, it would be nice for someone to write an article on how to structure your articles so that they are as well written as they could be, or how to change an article (if a particular article was denied) to make it more acceptable. We know that I have had trouble with this concept in the past.




RE: About how to write articles


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 26-03-11 06:22
I really can't give any direct advice without seeing your articles. Please upload and link If you'd like us to read them.

I've noticed a couple problems people usually have with people writing tutorials.

1: Being a legend in your own mind. I don't care about your opinions, I only care about the stuff you know 100% inside and out. Or rather, the stuff you know 100% of compared to me. That isn't the stuff you've done once, saw on tv, or the new stuff you happened to find interesting.

2: Not being concise. I have to read text books for school. I'd say 75% of the time, the people who write my text books couldn't write well to save their life. I'm sure they're smart and all, and I know there's millions of people out there who are smarter than me, but it's not about that. When I can condense 900 pages into 30 pages of notes, and not loose any of the actual content, that's really sad. I shouldn't ever need to search through your writing to find what you're trying to say. You have to stay focused, and that also means making sure the topic is worth focusing on in the first place.

Everyone's been shot down before. I've had tons of bad writing in the past. Keep the writing coming man.

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