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Monday, March 25, 2019
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A note on Beige Boxes


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 09-06-06 13:32
I am no expert on phreaking but i no somethings and i wish to make this rather clear.

All a beige box is connecting to a line from the outside without a plug aka directly.......

It will work in most areas as the telecom companys use them also (linemans handset) to test youre lines believe me i live in Ireland and they did it in my new house (YAY! i got to watch Grin )

It to the best of my knowledge still works in most countrys .ie USA,UK and all that i believe in the US it is a green box on the side of a house and in Ireland (most likly applies to the UK also) it is a small grey box you most likly wont even notice it but looking out my bedroom window right now i can see two Grin there generaly the smaller box bellow the electricity meter it seems around here.

When you connect up a beige box all you do is instead of connecting into the line via a jack you do it directly now some houses have them inside but most are outside because it is easier for the telecom companys Smile

Ask all questions you like and I will do my best to answer I am no pro but I do no a bit Smile



RE: A note on Beige Boxes


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Posted on 29-12-06 04:01
Beige boxing will always work until the telco's get away from using analog signaling. In your average cities with average homes, you will have three boxes outside of your home...your electrical service box, your cable tv SDU (single dewelling unit) box, and your telco copper box.

The telco boxes generally all look the same, there will be two opening to them. One side will have a phillips head screw on it....that is for customer access (where all your house outlets connect to the primary ring/tip post). The other side will generally have a standard nutdriver bolt on it (usually says "service access"Wink which in the US is usually 7/16" and in the UK I believe you'll find some 3/8". All you will find in this box is the point where your connection drop from the TNI can connects to a distribution post and the drop common/ground.

Beige boxing is fun and can be very helpful in dire situations...I always keep a butt-set in my personal vehicle. "why?" you ask...ever been on a dirt road where there are absolutely no houses within sight? What happens if you break down on one of these country roads where there is no cellular service? Got your beige box? Good...just find yourself a TNI and clip on until you get a dial tone Grin.

"What is something I can do once I've clipped on to a pair?" Dial an ANI (automatic number identification). There are many of these out there, most of them are toll free numbers (MCI ANI 1-800-444-4444). If you get a phone number read back, then it's an active line.

many things you can do....TBC
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