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Friday, April 25, 2014
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Some useful Linux commands(Part 1)

Arrow Image Useful linux commands

Ok, First of all i advise if you\'re gonna IRC from linux you dont do it as root. but yeah back onto the subject Useful linux commands Here are some commands and their functions:
ls: List Files
mkdir: Make a Directory
rm [-rf]: Remove files
history [-c]: View Recently used commands the -c to clear it
chmod <number> <file>: Changes the access levels probably good for a basic web mission ;)
fsck: Filesystem consistency check and repair
kill <process>: Stops a process from running
passwd: Change the password
rmdir: Delete a Directory
who: prints all users logged on
whoami: Prints Current user ID

Hmm its nothing new to no nothing about linux when you start out unless you read up on it before you installed it so im here to help out the new guys

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