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Saturday, July 04, 2020
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5 Firefox Addons Everyone Should Have

Arrow Image Here's a list of Firefox Addons that everyone should have and use.

Every single one of these addons has been necessary for me to complete the challeges on HBH. As you know, HBH isn't about completing challenges, its about learning. All of these tools will broaden your horizons and give you many more options while programming, hacking, developing, etc.

Addon #1 "Self-Destructing Cookies."
Self-Destructing Cookies is exactly what the name implies. When you close a tab in firefox, all of the cookies associated with that tab delete themselves. The great thing about it, is that is customizable. For example, if I go to hbh all the time and I don't want the cookies to delete, I can whitelist hbh. Or any other site.
Note: You should whitelist hbh, not only because its awesome, but if your cookies are self destructing, it can make some of the challenges impossible.

Addon #2 "FireBug"
FireBug allows you to inspect the element in ways you can't with the standard inspector. It allows you to monitor, edit, and debug CSS, HTML, and javascript all in one area. The great part is that it updates live so you can see the changes your making.

Addon #3 "Grease Monkey"
Grease Monkey allows you to run little bits of javascript to customize websites. One of my favorite scripts is for facebook. It customizes the homepage, blocks the adds, and it just looks cool. Really, anything you can write a script for, you can execute with grease monkey.
Hint: You can do the timed challenges with grease monkey. Its a little challenging, but you'll learn a lot by figuring it out.

Addon #4 "TamperData"
TamperData allows you to view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and POST parameters. You can also trace and time those parameters. This is especially useful if you want to modify the way your information is being sent to a website.
Hint: This is necessary to beat Basic 28.

Addon #5 "Web Developer (and Web Developer Extension)"
The best way to learn about this tool is to get it and play around with it. You can customize and manage cookies. Edit and disable CSS. Change the way forms act. And the list goes on and on.

As with anything, there is no better way to learn than hands on experience. So get to downloading.



Ninjaon July 10 2013 - 02:23:09
Only thing I would add is Adblock Plus. Awesome article. *vg*
jmort47on July 10 2013 - 16:53:56
Definitely Adblock. I could've had a very extensive list, but I was trying to stick with things that would help with HBH challenges and hacking/developing in general. Adblock is the first addon I download..
Ninjaon July 10 2013 - 21:59:27
ah yeah true.
rex_mundion July 12 2013 - 03:03:01
Adblock or something similar is essential if you're gonna use Grease Monkey for the timed challenges, you'll need it to block the unnecessary scripts, images, css etc that load along with the web page in order to submit your answer back in time.
jmort47on July 12 2013 - 04:07:05
That's good to know. I haven't worked on the timed challenges yet. I should probably stop being lazy and get them done.
Ninjaon July 12 2013 - 06:22:58
didn't even realize it was helping me with challenges Thumbs Up
rex_mundion July 19 2013 - 03:14:16
It wasn't, you need to block them manually. Tee-Hee-Hee
RootsBabiloniaon October 19 2013 - 04:40:02
I don't like the tamperdata. Personally I prefer installing the LiveHTTPHeaders.*vg*
1black1on May 09 2016 - 22:07:25
Hate to thread necro but to to be fair, this is listed under latest articles... NoScript and HttpsEverywhere
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