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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Info Gathering with Phone Numbers

Arrow Image How to retrieve phone owner names and pinpoint their exact locations.

* title: Information Gathering with Phone Numbers.
* author: yllypsys
* date: (05-05-12)


[0x00] Introduction
[0x01] Requirements
[0x02] Limitations
[0x03] Tools and Enumeration
[0x04] Conclusion


I will not be held responsible for whatever actions a reader may perform after
reading this.

This is a method which I use frequently and have personally found it to be
incredibly successful.

I do NOT condone inflicting any form of harm unto another human being.
You are responsible for your own actions.

This works for people in the US. I am not sure about outside of the US.

[0x00] Introduction

Have you ever recieved random phone calls or texts that were just too odd to
pass off?

Have you ever wanted to know who the person behind the ramdom number is?

Or have you just found a random number somewhere and are curious as to who
really owns it?

There are a few tools which are perfectly free and can help you gather enough
information to pinpoint the exact location of the individual behind the number.

[0x01] Requirements

You will need three things: an internet connection, a cellphone, and a brain.

You will use the cellphone to begin your enumeration, the internet connection
to draw extra information (and ultimately pinpoint their location), and a brain
to help you accomplish your objective.

It is best to have a cellphone and a PC (or laptop) so you can be quick about
the gathering.

If you do not have these things, you are shit out of luck, and I am unsure of
how you could be reading this.

[0x02] Limitations

A worst case scenario would be that the number is a "pay and go" phone. This
means that no real name is registered and the phone can be used by anyone
anonymously. This kind of phone is used by criminals frequently to perform
drug deals and so forth (at least in America).

Another worst case scenario is that the number is a number to a business
(meaning you will need to learn about the business and staff numbers to
pinpoint the original caller which may or may not be possible).

There are plenty of worst case scenarios, but the last one I will mention is if
the phone is owned by law enforcement. If this is the case, the name will
almost always be unlisted. That is just how they role. So be careful with who
you involve yourself with.

[0x03] Tools and Enumeration

The tools I will recommend are WhitePages (WP), Google, and your brain. The
algorithm will be as such: perform reverse lookup with WP, use the name and
location from results to search WP for the street address of the individual,
use Google to verify your target.

To perform the WP LOOKUP, you will need a cell phone with text messaging
capabilities (your phone bill will be charged $1.99 for a successful lookup; if
the lookup fails, you will not be charged).

When you have the number you wish to investigate, text it to 566587 (WP

If WP LOOKUP found the name of the owner of the number, it will reply with a
message like so: "WhitePages: <Number>, is from <City> <ST>. To get the name
for $1.99, reply GO."

Reply with GO and it will reply with a message like so: "WhitePages:
<Owner Name> <City>, <ST>.$1.99 bill 2 cell 4 Name.Reply HELP for help.Reply
STOP to cancel. Msg&data rates may apply..."

If WP LOOKUP failed to find the name of the owner of the number, you will not
be charged for the lookup. In this case, it will reply with a message like so:
"WhitePages: Sorry no name found for <Number>. No charge for this lookup."

Be sure to send STOP after each lookup so WP will remove your number from its
listings. WP adds your number to the listings with each lookup, and using STOP
will remove it.

When you have the name of the owner and their general location (City, State),
you may proceed to WP People Search. You will need to provide three items in
the "Find People" search: First name, Last name, and Location (City, State or
ZIP). Since we have their fullname and their location, we may use People
Search to find them.

After searching with WP People Search, you will have a list of people (short
and precise depending on how unique the name is). Compile a list of each of
these people and use Google to dig information on them.

You will want to find their social networking profiles and so forth.

Underneath each name is an age range. To the right of the name and age range
is the street address of the individual. To the right of the street address is
the "Associated People" (family members, spouse, et cetera).

Use your intuition to discern whether or not a social networking profile
picture portrays someone of the appropriate age range provided in the WP People
Search results. Do as much as you can to verify your target.

I just searched my name and location, and it points directly to me (no other
results) and even lists my middle initial, accurate age range, and all of my
immediate family members.

If you want to pay a bit of money for an excellent service, I recommend Spokeo,
as it provides an invaluable pool of information for anyone you are searching

[0x04] Conclusion

This is a method which anyone can use to find almost anyone. Obviously, there
are ways to protect yourself from being found via this method, but nothing will
save you from the professionals: FBI, CIA, ETC. If someone is harassing you
with text messages, depending on the nature of the texts, you can involve the
FBI (best idea) or subpoena the service provider to revealing the harassers
information. You should only get the FBI involved if they are threatening your
life or the lives of your loved ones, and if you cannot reveal them by
yourself, you can always resort to changing your phone number. Remember that
if someone does not reveal their identity to you, and are texting you, they are
breaking the law then and there. Do whatever you can to keep yourself safe.

I personally use this method whenever I get random phone calls or text messages
from people I do not have saved. It helps me identify them. It is easy to ask
who they are, but it is also just as easy to lie. This method has a potential
for abuse, but I stated above that I do not condone this and that I will not be
held responsible for the actions of those who read this.

Good luck with your endeavors.


ellipsison May 06 2012 - 00:08:58
Thanks to the fuckhead who rated this as poor without actually reading it or giving any input. Your contribution to humanity is obvious.
ellipsison May 06 2012 - 00:49:54
Thanks to the fuckhead who rated this as poor without actually reading it or giving any input. Your contribution to humanity is obvious.
Firebolton May 07 2012 - 00:39:10
Nice! I'll use this in the future! >Smile
ellipsison May 07 2012 - 18:17:20
Thank you, Firebolt. :ninja:
oJAIMEoon June 19 2012 - 12:00:13
Looked up myself and it was spot on! Thanks this is a valuable resource.
ellipsison June 19 2012 - 15:12:36
Thank YOU for reading! :ninja:
om3g45m45h3ron June 26 2012 - 19:22:17
ok article but does spokeo work out side us?
ellipsison June 27 2012 - 22:06:43
@om3g4 I did some googling and this is what I found: "12. Can I perform international searches? Spokeo currently only supports national numbers and addresses from the United States for our phone and name search. We do support all email address and username searches however, including international ones. This search feature covers all of our supported social networks." So the answer is: no.
ellipsison July 16 2012 - 01:37:07
Thank you to the haters who rate this as "poor" without reading the post. The only reason I can think of anyone rating this as "poor" is if the method does not work in their country, and that's a stupid reason to give it a bad rating. This method works for myself and everyone I've shared it with. Feel free to share it with whoever you want, but give some credit to "...", especially if you post the article somewhere else (hackbb, etc). And if you seriously don't like this article and you aren't mentally incompetent, at least give it an "average" rating. lulz
Pal0fon July 25 2012 - 14:34:05
I'm not from America but the logic behind it definitely proves that you're good at social engineering. I'll try it out sometime soon Wink
ellipsison July 31 2012 - 07:04:36
Thank you, Pal0f! I personally have a deep passion for social engineering, surveillance, physical security, and all forms of intelligence gathering. I hope you enjoyed the read.
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