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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Tweaking Firefox Plugins to work with newer versions of Firefox

Arrow Image A brief introduction in opening xpi files and changing the plugins install file to work with newer versions of Firefox.

Firefox 4 and your older plugins.

So if you are like me and you update to the latest Firefox to find that your plugins are not supported, you feel a little bummed out.
Well, there is a way to truly test whether or not your plugins are functional. If you don\'t know already, Firefox plugins are .xpi file extensions
that are really just .zip files. You can just rename your file to a zip file extension to see the goodies inside.

Method 1: If your computer shows the extensions on files then just: Right click >> rename >> clear out .xpi and replace with .zip
Method 2: If not the previous method, then maybe this: Open a terminal (console) >> navigate to the directory of the xpi file and use the rename command

i.e. Windows: rename plugin.xpi

Method 3: If you have a program like WinRar, 7Zip, or something of your choice to open archived files then just open it through that program.
Then just extract the install.rdf file.

The install.rdf is a renamed .xml file, so any text editor will open it.

Once you have the install file open, look this xml node (should be towards the top):


(This was taken from LiveHttpHeaders-0.16)

em:targetApplication : Node for Firefox\'s application information
em:id : registry information
em:minVersion : lowest version of Firefox that this particular plugin can function on
em:maxVersion : highest version of Firefox that this particular plugin can function on (what we came here for. :))

Simply just change the maxVersion number the current version or use the wildcard feature to prep for further updates on Firefox until the new release of you plugin.

For example:




That\'s it.

I take no responsibility for any damage done to your computer or software while doing this as I assume you realize that this is only for educational purposes.


acutev6on April 21 2011 - 07:38:23
Really Nice. Solved the problem for me. Smile Thanks.
korgon April 25 2011 - 03:34:38
Nice job should help a lot of people out.
starofaleon May 03 2011 - 23:01:13
Some nice information about Firefox extensions here. Just thought I should add that you can also disable compatibility checking with . .y-reporter/ or in about:config by setting all the extensions.checkCompatibility.* variables to false: http://img853.ima. . .testga.png
t0xikc0mputeron May 04 2011 - 22:22:32
Good article. Straight and to the point. Also, thanks starofale as that info is useful too.
starofaleon May 08 2011 - 02:41:38
Damn - I always forget HBH doesn't like https links. Here is the link for the addon compatibility reporter: http://addons.moz. . .-reporter/ (although you could just copy and paste the link given above)
maugon May 08 2011 - 05:30:05
in about:config you can also create a boolean value called extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0 and set it to false. That's my favorite method. No other addons, no individual addon tweaking, just a one-time deal
stealth-on May 10 2011 - 03:29:03
Only for educational purposes? Lol, kids! Never mess with addons without an adult around at all times!
maugon May 20 2011 - 18:22:44
elmiguelon June 01 2011 - 13:43:09
@stealth- : Grin
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