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How to build a miniature remote controled spybot

Arrow Image Build a miniature remote controlled spy robot with video and sound capabilities. Cool project I learned a while back and feel it may be interesting to some other "techno geeks" out there. With some of the same abilities used by the military and police force.
basic electronic / soldering / welding skills may come in handy. I assume most of you have a little coding knowledge.

apparently it seems that people did not understand when i wrote that this is a "project i learned" I learned it a couple years ago from a torrent file i downloaded called "electronic projects" thanks to Goofus i know know that it comes from a book called "101 projects for the Evil Genius" though the torrent that i downloaded was only a few chapters from that book. so download the book read the book and see that i wrote it much simpler as you can see this article is not 10 or more pages from a book

Built using parts from an old remote toy and some audio/video electronic electronics. This Remote Operated Vehicle caries a sensitive microphone and preamp, a video camera and infrared LED's witch allows it to be operated in total darkness.
The first thing we need is a remote controlled toy vehicle with a sturdy base preferably 4x4

Welding the sides and top of the ROV cover

Drill holes in the steel where the original screws were mounted to the original plastic toy body for easy access incase you need to add modify or repair anything if you wish.

We will be using three steel panels for the camera head

The head should be made with just enough room to mont a CCD camera and 24 LED's, and the servo motor to pan the head from left to right.

welded camera head mounting block and servo

The servo will be inside the camera head, with its output shaft protruding from a hole cut in the bottom plate. The hole in the camera head conforms to the output side of the servo motor
held securely in place in the camera head. The output shaft from the servo and the whole cut in the camera head will be facing the ground to protect the camera from moisture. With a piece of rubber cut from a bicycle inner tube as a gasket
To Connect the camera head to the mounting block the plastic servo arm will be cut to conform to the inside of the mounting block the bolted to the servo output shaft. Position so the head and servo arm are positioned center too the output shaft

When the mounting block and camera head are working together weld the mounting block to the cover.

Completed cover and camera head

To mount the infrared LED's to the camera head some type of panel will be needed. Cut a small piece of sheet metal to conform to the open end of the camera head. add a small bracket to secure it in place with a single bolt. Place a small rubber gasket between the panel and camera head ( to keep electronic parts dry)
Drill 25 holes 1 for the camera and 24 for the LED's

Mount the camera and LED's into the holes, use a glue gun to seal around the edges

image of the head complete


A micro controller running a basic program will monitor the functions of the existing remote control receiver. (existing forward, reverse, left and right). Check the voltage at the output wires
to the drive and steering motor's to let the micro controller know what state the receiver is currently in. 8 possible states
1.Forward Straight
2.Forward Left
3.Forward Right
5.Reverse Left
6.Reverse Right
7.Left Neutral
8.Right Neutral

The servo bridge is based on a PICI6f628 microcontroller running a simple program coded in PicBasic solder a wire from each terminal on both motors and connect all four wires to the microcontroller through 10k resistors to limit the current. the program monitors high or low levels at the input pins and responds with the appropriate pulse width modulated signal to the servo

-- Servo Bridge Control Pogram (PicBasic)--

@ Device HS_OSC
@ Device WDT_OFF
@ Device PWRT_OFF
@ Device BOD_OFF
@Device MCLR_OFF


define osc 10
output porta.2
input portb.0
input portb.1
input portb.2
input portb.3
input portb.4


servo var porta.2
rcl var protb.0
rcr var protb.1
rcf var portb.2
rcb var portb.3
pos var word


gosub center




if rcf = 1 or rcb = 1 then gosub center


if rcf = 0 and rcb = 0 then


if rcr = 1 then gosub right

end if


servo - 1
Pauseus 1000 + pos
servo = 0
Pause 16

goto main


If pos < 1000 Then
pos = pos + 10

If pos > 0 Then
pos = pos - 10

;[Center Servo]
pos = 500


if rcl = 1 then ctp = ctp + 1
if rcl = 0 then ctp = 0
if ctp = 500 then
relay = 1
pause 1000
relay = 0

-- The Audio Preamp- -

A simple multimedia electret microphone fed into a high gain op amp

this can be soldered together with no board at all very simple mount it as far away from the motor as possibe to avoid picking up motor sound you can make the anteanna with a simple bicycle tire spoke. It is also cool to mount a flashlight to the top of the vehicle for better distance in video :)

-- The Base Station --

For a small LCD monitor and all the reciever electronics you need about 8 D-cell batteries a solid metal briefcase a pice of sheet metal ( which you have to cut out for your parts toggle switches



The antenna wire is fed through the steel dashboard using a rubber grommet the remote control joy sticks are mounted through two small square holes, the remote is bolted on either side with two self tapping screws the middle is cut out for a miniature VCR wich is connected to a switch to remove it from the power suplply if not needed (usses POWER) the LCD video screen is mounted through a square opening also connected to its own power switch, and external audio jack for headphone use.

-- Image of our new toy in use --

Now this is a fun project cant remember back when i learned it but it was fun and you can watch listen and record as you see fit.
If you do anything illegal (.. drive it into the girls locker room and record etc...) It is not my fault Knowledge is free what you do with it is all on you :)

P.S as for the replies to this specific line it is not for perverts i was just using an example of something that would be illegal. there are more uses and also things that you could add for example: one extra thing i did with mine was add an extra LCD screen mounted on the head" made the head bigger" and snk it back used inner tube for a gasket and cocered it with a piece of plastic glass etc..." and with modifications to the box and the use of an old webcam" and another microphone drove it down the street to my sisters house and talked to her she could see me i could see her she could hear me and i could hear her there's always things you could add and things you can do that are not described


yours31fon December 08 2008 - 12:52:02
Nice detailed article. Awesome from me. I will attempt this one when I get paid this weekend.
Goofus911on December 08 2008 - 23:08:37 . .+spy+robot .....or just buy this book .
Goofus911on December 08 2008 - 23:11:59
And change a few words here and there , lol .:right:
Zephyr_Pureon December 09 2008 - 03:35:42
... Good catch, person I don't like. Armageddon, if you're going to write an article that blatantly uses blocks of published text, at least have the decency to quote your sources.
rex_mundion December 09 2008 - 12:36:37
Hmm , apparently heavily plagiarized , and only of use to perverts . Good job man . Frown
yours31fon December 10 2008 - 01:35:48
Or people who enjoy building technology, such as myself.
rex_mundion December 10 2008 - 12:50:06
Yes as I said ....perverts . Grin
rex_mundion December 10 2008 - 13:03:53
Yes as I said ....perverts . Grin
rex_mundion December 10 2008 - 13:06:09
That double post was the result of a page refresh , weird .Frown
K3174N 420on December 10 2008 - 16:14:26
Theres plenty more uses for this besides looking at naked unaware girls get changed... like... erm... errr... Driving it around in circles! I wanna make 1 <.<.... :evil:
4rm4g3dd0non December 10 2008 - 16:56:55
Damn I love you guys I do assume I can post on my own article as long as i dont vote
rex_mundion December 11 2008 - 03:17:17
With respect to your added P.S , I have to ask , was your sister naked ? :whoa:
Zephyr_Pureon December 11 2008 - 03:56:46
... lol. Awkward.
4rm4g3dd0non January 03 2009 - 19:52:53
I want to see some real challenging hacking challenge's anyway i am not worried about point so forget thee other challenges I am from the oldskool and here for challenges not writing articles writing my handle in a text file blabbing on posts etc... I want to have my brain challenged if i wanted to load down on points I would play a video game like Galaga
japanesedudeon January 10 2009 - 22:21:12
you bloody wanker :whoa:
sharline23on March 16 2009 - 04:52:52
I dont care if this is slightly plagarized... its fucking sweet.
Tester007on September 01 2011 - 05:14:35
Pure Awsome
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