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App Challenges Hints (5-15)

Arrow Image *Just the hints of app challenges.*

Application challenges explained(app 5-15):
Hi everybody, this tutorial is intended to help you in the application challenges without giving much spoilers.. Every app challenge will be described in short..
If you don\'t want the spoilers then don\'t read my article.. In fact, don\'t read challenge articles. First go through other article sections here in HBH..
The app challenges here are easy ones & if you are completely new to cracking the apps, I would suggest you to google for some ASM(assembly language) tutorial.. & there is one nice tutorial by Frost_T in HBH article section.. So if you want to learn things rather than earn the challenge points, first go & read articles about assembly language... Now if you are really stuck in the challenge, then start reading my this nifty little article with hints & minimal spoilers.

Note that the app challenges here are easy & they either require viewing thru notepad, or NOPing them or setting breakpoints & looking for stacks, registers,etc.
I leave the app 1 to app 4 for self-try.. & there are other articles covering these if you need them.

*Note*: *I shall be specific in the hints.*

The softwares you need for cracking: a) Ollydbg b) Flash Decompiler(for app 2 only & not included here) c) Reflector d) Hex editor like XVI32 e) Calculator (calc.exe in windows)

App 5: Load the app in ollydbg.. Search for the serial number that should be in place of those X values.. Write down the serial number.. Now using hex editor, change the serial.. Finally, find a way to enter.. *Hint* *ampersand*

App 6: Easy one.. In olly, search the text strings & u\'ll see short word which will give you the password for HBH..

App 7: Its really easy.. Again viewing the text strings in Olly will show you the password to enter in HBH..

App 8: Just NOP or modify a jump.. *Hint* *Its near the goodboy message* I didn\'t change the text or the timer when I did this.. but u may disable or lenghthen the timer but there\'s no need of changing the passwordbox..

App 9: U don\'t need to code keygen... Just as the crackme coder says, just see what it does to the inputs you give... You may read another article here for this one if you need..

App 10: Similar as app 9.. In olly, just see what happens to the input you give.. In the text strings, you will see what your input changes to & with what is it compared.. So try few things & you will be able to make the text comparison give you the password finally.

App 11: Download the program called reflector from download section.. Open the app in reflector.. Then start to search the thing you need... Its not hard to understand the code so somewhere you will find the code that gives you the password for HBH..

App 12: Easy one.. You will see a nice compare at the point where the jump takes place to the badboy message.. The password is there in hex form.. Now its the calculator that does the job.

App 13: If you hate that fucking beep just NOP it(I did).. Now just look at registers(FPU) & stack putting the right breakpoints.. You will get it in no time.. Post in forum if you need more help.

App 14: Easy one though rated as hard.. Put the breakpoint at the compare which is responsible for the jump.. The password in hex format will be dumped right there below the CPU main thread in the info part.

App 15: Another easy one.. The most hard part of it is downloading the file(I have dial-up).. First either change your computer dates or modify the hex so that it becomes valid for 9999 A.D. Now just view the executable modules(Alt+E) & view names(Ctrl+N).. Now just put the breakpoint on every reference of the obvious one there..*Hint* *string comparison*.. When u run pressing F9, the required registration is dumped in registers as well as in stack.. Now u are registered.. Just proceed to password recovery, choose HBH challenge password & crack it..

With this, the application challenges of HBH are finished.. This is my first article so there may be the need for improvements. So please give your comments/suggestions so that I can improve myself.



Zephyr_Pureon October 29 2008 - 11:03:27
Short and sweet on the hints. Now, let's try to write about something other than challenges...
fuseron October 29 2008 - 14:24:33
pretty quick for someone who has been on this site for less than a year.
SaMTHGon October 29 2008 - 16:41:33
More than that! Less than 2 months!
hellboundhackersokon October 29 2008 - 21:05:31
whoa kind of gives it all away.. it was much more fun doing these without any help. my opinion though, good article.
Futilityon October 29 2008 - 22:41:34
I found the logical challenges more fun to puzzle out than these. I guess you (hellboundhackersok) wouldn't know what I'm talking about, considering you copy/pasted the answers off a site. Oh, and the article was... fine. I don't really enjoy challenge articles, though. They don't take any real creativity to do.
Zephyr_Pureon October 30 2008 - 14:00:33
... It doesn't give it all away. It hints at what needs to be done and, as for what it does give you, that is merely tips on using OllyDBG in a vague and generic way. Oh, and quick note to everyone: I'm not accepting any more challenge articles for the rest of this year, so don't write them. Write real articles.
hellboundhackersokon November 02 2008 - 21:54:58
@Futility: <3 haha
sam207on November 11 2008 - 02:22:29
never wanted >3 for challenge article.. thanks all for comments
korgon November 18 2008 - 10:32:42
Not too bad, Doesn't give alot away but does stear in the right direction. Don't rely on this as a guide there are other ways to do them also:ninja:
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