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Friday, April 18, 2014
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All Flash Challenges

Arrow Image An easy to follow guide to Flash Challenges 1 - 4

First things first i wont give you the answer thats not the point to a challenge. What i will do is give you a push in the right direction.

Before diving in the deep end lets get the correct tools to complete the challenges:

I would suggest Trillix Flash Decompiler to complete these challenges it has a free trial on download and these challenges wont exactly take long so the trial will be fine.

Get Trillix here:

I use firefox to get the flash file from the page as it has an add-on called DownThemAll!

If your running firefox just type "DownThemAll! Add on" into your search bar and install the add on.

Now using DownThemAll! to get the file may seem complex at first. But its actually very easy.

Once you have DownThemAll! installed and working open it up and you should see lots of files on the current page listed and at the top of the window make sure your on the "Pictures and Embedded" this will show flash files and such that are embedded into the current page which is exactly what we are looking for.

Now go to the bottom of the window and make sure all filters are unticked so that none of the files are selected. Then look for the flash file in the list (it will have the file extention .swf) you can download these files which is what you will need to do to complete the flash challenges.

|| Flash 1 ||

First download the flash file from the page so it can be opened in Trillix and then look through the contents of the flash movie. There is a message hidden in one of the objects within the file.

|| Flash 2 ||

Possibly the easiest challenge next to basic 1.

Repeat method from Flash 1 and be amazed....

|| Flash 3 ||

Download the embedded flash and open up Trillix to see where that annoying audio file is being pulled from. Once you got that just get the file with DownThemAll! and its just a case of cracking the code in the audio. You may want to open the file into a program called audacity (very small program) the file contains a hidden message its quite obvious really if you think about it.

|| Flash 4 ||

Download the file and find out where to on the page its embedded into its pulling external files from.

(hint: check the whole file theres more than you think)

Thankyou for reading and good luck.

P.m me if you have any questions.


K_I_N_Gon June 25 2008 - 06:02:34
Pretty good but you should go into more detail on how to open the audio on flash 3.
Darkkoon June 25 2008 - 11:46:37
Thankyou, its my first article. And i will update soon, for now if anyone has any questions feel free to leave a message =]
Uber0non June 25 2008 - 14:17:57
Very low spoiler level, just like it should be B) well done!
Pwnzallon June 25 2008 - 18:48:33
You do not necessarily need an addon to download the file. Make sure the flash is open and streaming. Just right-click, select Page Info, Select the Media tag, then select the swf file, click save as and choose a downloading location.
skathgh420on June 26 2008 - 16:06:33
I agree with Uber0n no big spoilers but very good hints and about flash 3 you don't even need to save the file i just played it and hit record on audacity and that worked fine :happy:
erroron September 09 2008 - 12:14:01
nice artical, I using your article for Flash 3. ( I tried to pm you, but your inbox is full ) I don't know how to ge the mp3-file
erroron September 09 2008 - 13:25:37
got it, just can't understand the letters
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