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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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TT1 *NIX 3: Linux Choices

Arrow Image So many Distrobutions.. Wait, Wtf is a Distrobution??
Some linux anatomy.

Linux has a universal Linux kernel. There are more than one choices of kernel, and you can change yours, but it\'s pretty mainstream.

This means, your linux is always g onna act the same to a point. So why are there so many options? A distrobution is a copy of an operating system with certain changes or additions. The biggest thing is the installer when you first get your distrobution. Another is the defaullt Window Manager. The Debian distrobution has an application set called apt-get and dpkg to make Linux software installations much easier.

For a new Linux user, the only real difference you\'ll see is the initial graphics, installer, default window manager, the software it comes with, and it\'s automounter for things like CD drives, usb drives, etc.

Different distrobutions use different file types for installations. For example, Mandrake/Mandriva, a classic new user distrobution uses .Rpms for installation. Debian uses .deb files, and uses .rpms converted with the command Alien.

Something you may need to get used to with Linux is that everything is open source. Meaning of course, it\'s usually free, and you can see all the code for an application. One of the best software installation methods is by downloading and unpacking the souce of an application, and then using \'./configure, make, make install\' as root in the directory of the software.

So what distrobution should you choose as a New user? Let\'s think about the differences from a different view. Redhat and Linspire are pretty easy for new users, but they\'re unethical. Don\'t use them.

Debian and Mandrake are extremely easy for new users.
Slackware is clean and strong, and customizeable.
SuSe is good in some ways for enterprise based stuff.
BSDs are strong and clean, and aren\'t actually Linux. They are true UNIX either, they\'re just BSD.

You should start with Debian and Mandrake if your new, and google is your friend. Google for how to install software on either debian or mandrake, installation tips, and where and how to install them.

To be a good hacker, or intelligent person, you have to learn how to find things out for yourself. Everyone starts where you are, and you just have to learn.


thelordofchangeon May 29 2005 - 12:03:44
Hey, thousandtoone, I'm a wee bit confused over why you claim redhat is unethical? do you extend this to Fedora Core?
Xeroon August 22 2005 - 18:54:52
You barely even touched other distros. All you did was speal about Debian. Maybe this should have been "Why Debian is Good." You haven't helped any new Linux users with this article. All you've done is confused them as to what the other distros do. Congrats.
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