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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Get power and programs going at school using two methods.

Arrow Image Everyday at school or work program filters stop you from installing an making changes, here are some cheap ways to bypass.

Everyday at school or work program filters stop you from installing an making changes, and most stop you from using the programs that are installed work properly. For instance at my school I got a ssh tunnel up and and am enjoying full internet access, when I decide to go listen to my fav online radio channel; however the school has other plans. They chose to setup WMP so it requires a password to play any media of any kind. Also instant messenging apps I brought in refuse to install and what\'s worse the background on the machine is a mind blowing white with the year I graduate at the top. That is also something that must die.

Basically I will start with the applications because it works 9/10 times while the basic privilege escalation trick for school only works once every few tries.

Ok first bring in the installer on your own device and make sure you copy it onto the computer, not run it off the usb or device. Also it is a good idea to put it in the tmp folder or something, nowhere like your public drive where you can get caught. (The desktop should do). Now what you do is right click the application go to->Properties->Compatibility->And set it to windows 2k or 98. Then close it and run the program, adjust the set OS if the program refuses to work with one.

Right mouse click blocked? No worries! The next bit is how to get basic guest rights on a school pc without any scary code or even know-how!

Make sure you reset the pc.
Wait until it asks you to log in
type in your pass but don\'t push enter/ok just yet
put your spare hand on the Ethernet cable
Push OK and wait for the thing to disappear give it the smallest time you can then yank the Ethernet cord. Now when the desktop starts to load shove it back in. You should hopefully still have access to all network drives, as well as access to cmd prompt if you didn\'t already as well as the control panel, right click, run, settings, network settings and you may even be able to install programs right away. Please be aware that you are still not an admin but you do have more rights then normal that is for sure.

TIPS: Right click is disabled but pushing windows key and right clicking all programs works, for those who are locked out of C drive.

Run should work so feel free to try further registry hacks to get admin rights. feel free to check here: for tips.

You should now be able to change the background as well, and edit IE internet settings. (sometimes the msn logo may be visible but hardly ever works)

Good luck hope you enjoyed this article.


exidouson March 29 2008 - 20:54:05
LOL, if your willing to mess with schools your willing to go to get suspended/expelled or even worse go directly to jail do not pass go and do not collect $200...... My advice (get wireless and play else where!)
korgon March 31 2008 - 03:28:34
I hate hacking school shit. End of Fucking story.
alex_the_richon March 31 2008 - 05:07:09
well i will write a comment since i got nothing better to do and ill try to keep it short Boy am i happy my school doesnt suck as much as the schools you all talk about we can change backgrounds in every high tech class and even download "important software" (games) in some classes....also some teachers seem to be nice... my other point, havent hacked the school "yet" as i just got to this site and started learning recently, however i got a friend who got fucked up by the school for doing some credit card shit/ keylogers and another dude also got "put down by the man" when they caught him with some type of admin bypass/bruteforce software on his usb....script kiddies.....but i guess this is how we learn (use it as a base for learning now until i get good)..........the real fight is to keep learning and evolve when the right time comes:ninja: FYI , i though the ninja looked cool
richohealeyon April 01 2008 - 04:31:30
alex_the_rich: you need to STFU. like nowish. Also the article lacked flair, you chumps have much to learn about pwning a large network.
exidouson April 02 2008 - 03:01:40
ditto!! richohealey
deathaliveon April 03 2008 - 09:15:55
exidous: shut up when adults are talking... richohealy: yeah, they should learn more, so then why to flame them? They are learning right now... There is a lot of things to learn, don't turn your back on them just in beginning
alex_the_richon April 04 2008 - 01:37:14
Smiledeathalive thank you very much for the support and richohealey:vamp: you r not even worth it
dex_poeton April 04 2008 - 05:22:55
I agree with korg. Talk about the OS or the network, not so much the school. I'm sure you could do better. And feel free to through in a little "scary code" or "know-how" every now and then too. Also "yank" and "shove" are bad words when dealing with some one elses computer...
dex_poeton April 04 2008 - 05:31:27
And @ alex_the_jailbait: You were told to STFU, I agree.
deathaliveon April 04 2008 - 22:10:24
dex_poet: you have 20 points? Just like glass of water...
richohealeyon April 10 2008 - 14:00:15
alex_the_rich: you REALLY need to stfu. I'm now going to see if you've done anything productive here.. if not it's ban time Smile
ellipsison May 18 2011 - 06:04:10
My school doesn't allow personal passwords but rather id numbers. I logged in as someone else after I found my schools windows messaging service was enabled and was able to netsend "the matrix has you" to every screen in the building. However, even though I was logged in as someone else, the cameras caught me at that computer and they called me in the day after. Do NOT hack at school.
ellipsison May 18 2011 - 06:07:57
Last comment: The worst they can do is call the police. The second worst would be loss of computer privileges. The third worst would be suspension/expulsion.
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