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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Photoshop Industrial / Grunge

Arrow Image A Photoshop tutorial on industrial effects.

This time we'll be covering Industrial effects. For this I'll let you use this renderfrom a famous anime known as gundam.

Basic Photoshop Effects

A nice render, props to Naota on it, anyways to the point. Make a new image (500 x 100) fill it with black.

Copy the render and put it on there in the right corner, make sure it's a good shot of it, transform it with ctrl-T if you need to (Hold Shift while doing this). Go to and download some grunge brushes and use these tech brushes here.

Load them in!

Make a new layer BEHIND the render and use grunge brushes with random splotches of dark brown, grey, and other darker colors.

Make another new layer and use black for the grunge brushes and set the mode to soft-light until it looks nice and dirty.

Make a new layer above it and start playing with the tech brushes you have! Tech design is relatively simple. Use black and make the mode softlight or overlay, whatever you like better. use the brushes over certain parts like weapons or jets for effect.

White and black both work, read my color tutorial to get an idea on how to use different colors to conver a mood. If it's not on HBH check my deviantart at for an image version.

Play with the hue/saturation (see my basic effect tutorial) to get what you like on it!

For a border use the polygonal lasso tool and hold the shift key, select in serrated areas and and hit ctrl-I to get a border, make a new layer and fill it with Black and you have a border!

That's it for this one, see you next time! Lemur out, be sure to rate if you like it


korgon February 29 2008 - 03:50:23
Now this is cool, Going to fuck around some with this see what i get. Keep some more good ones coming.
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