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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Fire! Basic Photoshop fire

Arrow Image A simple fire tutorial.

Make a new image (250 x 250) and fill it with pure

start with #734539 and draw a random splotch like


<img src="">

Take a brush with a texture-like effect and smudge

it, anything similar to this will do.

<img src="">

Take a new layer with color #dd362e and do the same,

you should get something in the area of this.

<img src="">

Repeat with Colors #ff5b00 and # on seperate layers.

Should look something like this.

<img src="">

WAIT! That looks bogus... Time to play! Make a new

layer and use the filter Render>Clouds. Go to

Image>adjustments>levels and drag the grey slider to

the right (towards white) until it looks darker to

you. Change its blending mode to SOFT LIGHT.

<img src="">

Bang! it looks better alright, but we can do more! Go

to EACH of the three color layers and hit ctrl-j to

duplicate each one. You might want to do this step by

step. Use the filter Distort>Wave and just hit

randomize till you like it! Do this with all layers.

Except the clouds

<img src="">

Let's play some more, still not quite there... Make a

new layer, get some grunge brushes from deviantart

and load them into photoshop!Use a black color,

splotch it around, set the mode to softlight and

opacicy to 50%, you should have something remotely

like this
<img src="">

Merge all the layers by hitting ctrl-shift-e. Go to

image>mode>hue/sat. Play with the slider on hue to

get some random colors, for reference I'll make it


<img src="">

There you have it, just experiment, the more you do

the better it looks. Remember to EXPERIMENT! Don't be

afraid to play with everything, especially in distort

you can get some pretty wild stuff! Have fun, till

next time, Lemur out!


Mouzion February 27 2008 - 14:33:01
I liked that last photoshop article from you more. And if you get the images working it would be nicer. By the way, paint wins Grin
ynori7on February 27 2008 - 22:33:39
it doesnt exactly look like fire to me, but it does look interesting. i'll have to give some of that a try. i've always wanted to make things in gimp. VG rating from me.
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