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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Welcome to HBH. We are happy that you have become a member of this huge \"Family\" of friends. We get many (HELP ME) questions everyday. Please try to follow these questions.


1)Im new and can you help me?
-Okay this site is a hackers practice site yet we welcome all. You have to do much of it yourself. Search GOOGLE for \"learn how to hack\".

2)Can you teach me how to do....?
-No. No user should teach you how to hack or whatever. You can ask anyone for a hint or some help. That\'s why we are here.

3)How do you beat this mission? OR How can you do this?
-Never ask that in the shoutbox. Never ask anyone that unless its in the forum but atleast have some clue about the mission. If you find out that ENC 1 is binary but dont know how to use binary then GOOGLE it.

4)What do I do on this site?
-HBH has provided you with great hacking \"simulations\". These are just for practice and what you do with the skills you learn is not HBH\'s responsibility.

5)So WHAT can I ask?
-Ask a variety of questions on any topic. We are glad to answer any questions that do not break the previous 4 statements.


Mr_Cheeseon May 06 2005 - 11:35:12
so the basic lesson is: USE GOOGLE before you use anything else Smile
The Flameon January 23 2006 - 20:49:52
How can you do....jkWink Ahhhh google, the mastermind of all corporate buisnesses. You're right cheese, google is a dream! lolSmile
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