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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Some information on computer systems.

Arrow Image This is my submitted coursework for college... Yes my real name is Nicholas Wood...

How to create a secure password.

To create an ideal secure password. It would be lengthy, contain
uppercase and lowercase characters, contain symbols and is easy
for you to remember. Passwords are the key to security. If you have
a secure password you have a secure account.
*hint* It makes good practice in doin this.

There are 5 steps you can do to make your password secure:
1. Think of a sentence that you can remember.
2. Check if the computer or online system supports the pass phrase directly.
(If you can use spaces of symbols, use them)
3. If the computer or online system does not support pass phrases,
convert it to a password.
4. Add complexity (Mix lowercase, uppercase, symbols, spaces)
5. Finally, substitute some special characters.
If it wonít let you use symbols. Try to make it long and simple to remember. T
he odds will go up in great favour of you for people not getting your password(s).
Hereís an example of a strong password: -_Do$keys_LiTTle-p4ss_-

What is spam and how to fight it.
Spam can be very irritating. Junk emails sent to your email account
trying to get you to buy something, or even register on a site. So
you end up with an email inbox full of unwanted junk emails.You can
help fight spam by registering the junk emails into the junk folder.
With Ms Outlook or Hotmail you can easily mark off which emails you
want to go into the junk folder. This way when emails get sent from
that email address, all emails will be redirected to the junk folder.
They can also get automatically sent to the junk folder if the sender
has a bad reputation of junk mail. Spam can also get detected by key
words from inside the email.

What are Firewalls and what are they used for?
Firewalls are used to monitor and control the ports on a Network. It
also helps against people from outside the Network trying to access
certain ports restricted only to the Network. If you wanted to open a
port to allow for inbound connections from outside the Network through
that port, you use port forwarding. Some Firewalls can also help against
DoS attacks. A firewall is normally built into the router. Hardware firewalls
are inside the router. They help protect unwanted users from accessing inside
the network. A software router is what

What are viruses and what do they do?
Viruses are malicious Applications that are designed to exploit people.
You can get many different types of viruses (e.g. Trojans, Worms, Key
loggers, Adware and more). Trojans can give hackers remote access to
the computer if the antivirus doesnít detect it and the Firewall is
properly maintained. Many viruses can be attached onto software downloaded
from the internet or created on a CD. More clever viruses can use your
computer as a DDoS tool. DDoS is used as a hackers tool to try and make
a server go slow or even halt. This is used by getting lots of computers,
normally in the thousands to keep requesting sessions from the server.
Some viruses can be very destructive and delete your files. To help protect
against these threats you need a good antivirus and it needs regularly updated.
Also do a full system scan of your computer every few days.

What is Phishing?
Suppose you find a email in your inbox from your bank. It asks you to send
some details out. You donít hear from them soon after you send the details,
you start getting worried. Phishing is a way of doing online identity theft.
Itís just people trying to get your details.
Most people associate Phishing with emails that have been spoofed, or
mimic bank, credit card companies or other businesses like eBay or YouTube.
To help avoid this happening donít ever give out your details over a email address.
Not even if itís your bank, your bank isnít permitted to ask for your details.
Hotmail has an anti-phishing system where it automatically deletes the emails
sent by the phishing site depending on the senderís reputation.

What are Zombie Computers?
Zombie computers are all the computers that the Trojan is on, they get
called Zombie computer because the clients that have the Trojans generally
donít even know they have the Trojan. Zombie Computers are victims of Trojans
without the victim even knowing he is a victim. An example is a DDoS tool by
hackers. DDoS stands for distributed denial of service, this means that hackers
can use your computer and all the other computers that the Trojan is on, use up
your bandwidth and use all the bandwidth to start sessions on the web site and
can overload the server to a halt. To help secure against Zombies, get a good
antivirus and update it regularly and do a full scan of your system regularly.

Nicholas Wood BTEC First diploma Unit 2 Computer systems

Signed \'DosKey\'


Zephyr_Pureon December 15 2007 - 01:40:10
Typos and sentence fragments galore. Starts off organized, then loses that around the subject of viruses and DDoS. The definitions / explanations are borderline acceptable but, with some corrected structure in the document, they should suffice for those starting out with security topics. A better way to structure it, for next time, would be to address groups of related topics in separate articles; that would be more effective than a handful of concepts tossed into an article.
lesserlightsofheavenon December 15 2007 - 03:01:08
Well, that was a nice little grab bag wasn't it. Average.
spywareon December 15 2007 - 03:01:56
Thanks for visiting wikipedia for us, or something.
DigitalFireon December 15 2007 - 06:41:15
wha? bunch of random stuff thrown together. Starts off with directions for secure passes, then changes to spam and firewalls and viruses and phishing and DDoS?
DarkMessiahon December 15 2007 - 19:09:23
'You can get many different types of viruses (e.g. Trojans, Worms, Key loggers, Adware and more)' ...Trojans are not always virii they are trojans. Worms are not virii, they are worms. Key Loggers... Do you see where i'm going with this? Malware is only a virus if it reproduces. The aim of a trojan is not always remote access, it's just a disguised malware file. This article was very random and disorganised.
02nwoodon December 16 2007 - 12:55:48
Err spyware..... i didnt get any of this from anywhere buy my own head...
DarkMessiahon December 16 2007 - 16:24:57
The point was that you gave us information easily obtainable from wikipedia, not that you copied it.
02nwoodon December 16 2007 - 19:55:41
Well it's only an essay from college that i had to do... That's why it's its the category's section.
richohealeyon December 17 2007 - 03:52:14
pffffft.... useless info, there's nothing in here that's new. The info in firewalls made no fucking sense either.
lesserlightsofheavenon December 18 2007 - 01:53:42
Alright, I think people need to STOP bringing in their god-damned half-arsed school assignments in here and using their original purpose as an excuse for their poor quality. It's disgusting.
Folk Theoryon December 18 2007 - 04:29:12
A software router is what wtf you never finished the sentence how will i ever know what a http://en.wikiped. . .iki/Router is??
R3l3ntl3sson December 19 2007 - 03:24:50
"Nicholas Wood BTEC First diploma Unit 2 Computer systems " i did that course Pfft was great fun. Pfft Relentless.
korgon December 19 2007 - 07:04:03
Waste of space, Oh by the way off the top of your head huh, http://www.micros. . .reate.mspx Hmmm.
I-O-W-Aon December 21 2007 - 00:28:33
ahhh pointless flaming lol makes me warm and fuzzy inside :love:
02nwoodon December 25 2007 - 16:51:48
Yeah my college tutor said to use certian sites to obtain info from..
Zephyr_Pureon January 01 2008 - 15:58:58
Oh, and if you plan to use information from other sites in your article... you really need to cite your sources. Plagiarism isn't cool; it just makes you look stupid and uneducated.
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