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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Latest Articles

Stegano challenges 1-14 and 17

Arrow Image Tips, hints and partial walkthroughs on most of the stegano challenges.

Alright, welcome to my second article. Please go easy, I've totally forgotten how to do a couple of these xD That said, I'll just jump right into it.

Stegano 1
On some computers you don't need to do anything to this image.
But if you're lost on this one, use ifranview, mspaint or even Microsoft Word to get it.
it's rather easy ;)

Stegano 2.
Hmm.. nothing in the image. Maybe theres something elsewhere.
-hint- I'm typing this up on the program used to solve this one.

Stegano 3.
I can't remember this one. There's a lot of other articles that cover this, though.

Stegano 4.
Remember those little poems in school; the acrostics?
This is very similar.

Stegano 5
Enlarge the image. What could the black and wh1te d0ts stand for?
There's two ways to do this. Hand by hand or as only.Samurai describes in his article found here

Stegano 6.
Remember how you solved Steg 2?
Very similar.

Stegano 7.
This one threw me. At first I thought it could be the spelling errors, a hidden image or something. But look at the commas and try to think a little outside the box.

Stegano 8.
If youre a certain kind of color blind, I guess youre screwed.
You can see it without opening anything. Just keep looking at it; it's a lot like those magic eye or other picture tricks.

Stegano 9
This one was extremely easy. Save it, then use a good image viewer for it.
In an unrelated note, Ifranview is a wonderful image viewer. xD

Stegano 10
I have no idea how I did it. Theres a few wonderful articles on it.

Stegano 11
Pretty much what you did on Steg 1. Keep editing until you get something.

Stegano 12
You're on your own. It's one of the easiest ones.

Stegano 13.
Ever play those silly little songs backwards looking for hidden messages? That's a wonderful tool for this one.

Stegano 14
Frame by frame by frame, zoom in, write it down, done.

Stegano 17
Again, it's a lot like those neat little magic pictures. Look a bit and you may find a delightfully famous quacker.

Now I'm done, and I really hope I didn't give too much away.
Hope this helps.



johnjuan728on July 27 2007 - 10:55:00
nice article... even though ive done all these ^_-.. but yea its difficult to explain many of these without spoiling entirely, i believe you have done well there ^_^ congrats VERY GOOD
midoon July 29 2007 - 08:42:10
why not 15 and 16?
apteryxon July 29 2007 - 18:01:07
I have yet to do 15 and 16 and haven't really ever tried to go about them xD As soon as I do them though, r find out how to do them, I'll put them on here.
sharpskater80on October 30 2007 - 23:26:04
whoever made stegano 17 is very clever, considering what I had to do to solve it. Grin
Flareon April 11 2008 - 05:05:10
the steg 17 hint is giving too much away, i read your hint while looking at 14, and i put the right answer for 17 on my first guess. i nvr even opened the file otherwise good article, thx for the help
jacobcapraon May 25 2008 - 03:08:54
good article. elaboration would be cool on 12 =D i've done 1-11 i like doing them in a row
ShowOffon June 06 2010 - 12:28:31
Stegano 8 is unfair... -.-
ShowOffon June 06 2010 - 12:47:34
Stegano 8 is unfair... -.-
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