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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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basic web hacking 22

Arrow Image how to complete this challenge -Possible spoilers

this challenge is very similar to the basic web hacking 8 challenge on complete this challenge ,you need to have an understanding of server side includes(SSI).To get such an understanding i suggest you google for it.Once this has been done ,you review the source(just like all the other basic web hacking missions) and see if you find any new directories .Using the SSI #E*** command and a unix command which allows you to view the contents of a directory you type in the statement in the command box and you will get a list of the files in that directory.Review each file in the directory for anything that lokks like a password.When you have guessed the right password you will get adirected to a page telling you that you have completed the challenge and rewarding you with points.



Ayr4on July 26 2007 - 03:33:30
A OK article:happy:
SaMTHGon April 14 2008 - 15:35:05
I don't get it I've typed this<!--#exec cmd="ls/../secretdir/secure.php"-->in but it keeps on saying Error: Command not recognized! What am I doing wrong!Angry
Syntaxeon May 17 2008 - 22:02:06
I must say that this challenge was a pain in the ass, but if you just read a bit and google a bit, then you will find the right answer.
god_peeton July 10 2008 - 22:34:00
speedy nice article ^^
espartaniacon July 15 2011 - 04:46:20
nice post @SaMTHG i had the same problem... it is a pain in the ass, you have to get the syntax just perfect. pay attention to the / position (and keep it simple)
espartaniacon July 15 2011 - 04:48:38
and pay attention to your spaces... this challenge accepts only very precise commands
thepranksteron August 12 2011 - 19:42:44
I found the answer on the web, but I am trying to better understand this problem. I went through researching through Google and am familiar with some of the basic SSI commands. I even tried what SaMTHG tried above but modified his spacing: <!--#exec cmd="ls/../secretdir/secure.php" --> Can anyone give me more spcific tips? Wink
narayannaikon January 03 2012 - 11:15:55
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