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Friday, April 25, 2014
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Cool shapes and buttons on adobe fireworks

Arrow Image Cool shapes and buttons on adobe fireworks

Making Cool Shapes and Buttons with Adobe Fireworks.

Okay, first off I am going to teach you how to make a pretty cool looking orb :D
So first off make a circle using the circle tool, any size you like also any colour you like. For the Demo I’m going to use a 195px * 195px red circle.
Note : Make sure the circle has a TRANSPARENT border.

Now, make an oval, mine is going to be 100px * 25px make sure it is white with transparent borders, now move your oval towards the top of your coloured circle.
Like so….

Now, click your oval and select, from the menu “Commands>Creative>Fade Image” and select this option:

Now click okay.
Now, it looks slightly more realistic now, but one thing is missing.
Let’s add a shadow!!
Click your larger circle and select, from the menu “Commands>Creative>add Shadow”.
And, there’s your circle!!

Next is out fancy button!!
Okay. Create a rectangle, mine is going to be 230px * 30px for now, lets make it red.
Now, select your rectangle, and go down to the properties area and set the rectangle roundness to about 50, like so:

Next, again in the properties menu, change the colour style from solid, to “gradient>linier”.

You should now have something like this:

Next draw a vertical black line down around ¾ right of your rectangle aswell as a doughnut to the left of it. And Walla! Done :


bigggnickon June 16 2007 - 17:36:46
fix ur images.
PostalCyberon June 16 2007 - 19:55:42
to bad your pictures are not working cause i think this would become a nice artikel with those working... Ooh and mayby it would be better to use .jpg-images Wink
djdottion June 17 2007 - 19:02:13
Images fixed... Ty guys Wink
Ayr4on June 18 2007 - 07:37:34
I didnt understand it. :xx:
Ayr4on June 18 2007 - 08:06:43
I didnt understand it. :xx:
richohealeyon June 18 2007 - 21:30:51
............ Where'd the article go?
djdottion June 19 2007 - 18:51:20
System accidentally deleted it Pfft
Ayr4on June 19 2007 - 21:34:34
Lolz xD
djdottion June 21 2007 - 15:58:35
fixed now though (Y)
Zephyr_Pureon January 06 2008 - 03:46:43
You didn't really make any sense but, surprisingly enough, this may be your best article... ever. Seriously, I think this is the best you're capable of. I actually have to rate it Average because you walked us through the steps. Good job.
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