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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Customizing your XP look

Arrow Image In this Article, ill show you how to customize the look of XP!

| Customizing your Windows XP look |

In this Article, i will teach you how to customize your Windows XP and make it shine!, all the programs we use is free, and you can uninstall them when you'r done!

Tools/files you'll need:

- [color=deepskyblue]Universal UXTheme Patcher 2.1[/color]
- [color=deepskyblue]IconTweaker[/color]
- [color=deepskyblue]ToyCon, PNG2ICO Converter[/color]
- Theme/Icons/Wallpapers, you can get lots of them at [color=deepskyblue][/color]


Ok, so, lets start with the Visual Style.
1. Download Universal UXTheme Patcher 2.1
2. Open up Universal UXTheme Patcher 2.1 and Patch uxtheme.dll (C:|WINDOWS\system32\uxtheme.dll)
3. Now you should get a prompt about restart, and maybe the XP theme turns to standard old look.
4. Now your done!, Now restart the computer, and go to next step..
Windows is patched and you can use any Visual style you want, without using some pay2use shit program like "StyleXP" which slows down you'r computer.

now, lets go find a lovely Visual style that we can use

- Royale 5color Mod [color=deepskyblue]Here[/color]
- Preview -
- [Vista 13] [color=deepskyblue]Here[/color]
- No Preview -
- Royale Noir [color=deepskyblue]Here[/color]
- Preview -
- Vista CG [color=deepskyblue]Here[/color]
- Preview -
- Vista XP [color=deepskyblue]Here[/color]
- Preview -
- Media Center Edition [color=deepskyblue]Here[/color]
- Preview -
- Vista Inspirat [color=deepskyblue]Here[/color]
- Preview -

well, you got some choices...pick one

Ok,lets say we downloaded Vista CG, now:
1. Extract the files (Right-click, extract to Vista-CG-blablabla)

2. Open up "C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes" and make a new dir called "VistaCG"
The folder name need to be the same as the Theme file(VistaCG.msstyles)

3. Open up the folder you just extract, copy all the files, and paste them into the new folder(C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\VistaCG) You should now have 1 file, and 2 folders inside the "VistaCG" folder

How it should look:


Now, make another copy of the file VistaCG.msstyles and put it at "C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes"
Double click the VistaCG.msstyles, choose Glass, and Arial as text, click Apply, now Restart

ok, so, now you should have a lovely XP theme, if you want to use any of the other Visual styles, do the same and remember, if the name is "test.msstyles" the folder must have the name "test"


Now, Customize your icons using IconTweaker, you can get some nice icons from:
Download the Vista Icon pack 3.0 (Rapidshare link)(32.mb)

Don't forget to rate!

Article written by [color=deepskyblue]«HackingForce»[/color]


HackingForceon June 13 2007 - 02:46:42
If there's anything you didn't understand, PM me or add me on msn..:happy:
s0l1dsnak3123on June 13 2007 - 20:54:10
loved it! brilliant article. :happy:
koolkeith12345on June 14 2007 - 14:45:21
brilliant i used alienGUIse before (free with about 5 themes but not very customizable) its the easy option. (install choose theme and click ok)
koolkeith12345on June 14 2007 - 14:52:55
n.b. Hacking force try to use darker text colours as i had to highlight some parts of the text to read it easily
HackingForceon June 15 2007 - 16:16:47
@koolkeith12345: do you mean i have to use brigther colors so you can see them, or use darker colors so you'r really-bad screen settings can see the text? Shock it looks perfect here...someone else having koolkeith12345's problem?
HackingForceon June 15 2007 - 16:18:52
lol, i meant "do you mean i have to use brigther colors so you can see the text" and not "do you mean i have to use brigther colors so you can see them" :angry:
anarchyjameson June 15 2007 - 23:24:50
TuneUp Utilities 2007 is a great programmign for customizing and improving your pc...good article tho
anarchyjameson June 15 2007 - 23:27:14
Also try for good themes but be aware they come with spyware though so scan and remvoe it afterwards but well worth it they have some very good themes there
wakeride115on June 16 2007 - 02:41:29
Way, Way cool. This is an excellent idea. Great article.:ninja:
HackingForceon June 16 2007 - 03:20:08
@anarchyjames: don't mention, you have to fucking install 4 ads BEFORE you get the Visual style, so fuck that!, also, Tuneup U. 2007 runs a service in the background that manages all the shit @wakeride115: Glad you liked it Wink
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