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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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How to cut out Images and add them to a Cool Place

Arrow Image This tutorial is in photoshop and will teach you how to take images from one place to another

Start up photoshop and open a new document and post this picture

Then Using the magic wand tool [IMG]file:///C:/Users/Khaled/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-1.jpg[/IMG] select the portion above her head

now hit delete to clear the selection and you should end up with something like this

now using the Magic Wand Tool select the portion on the left side

then do the same as the previous step and hit delete

after that using the magic wand tool hold shift and select all the parts in the background then hit delete

now select the eraser tool and clear all the bits of mess left behind

now get a cool background i used a nice tree and mountain background

and paste it into the picture youll probably get this

dont worry its because we placed the image infront of the picture and not in the back. Go to your layers palet locate the layer we just pasted and drag it under the images layer

you should now see the background image is behind the picture
all you have to do now is move the background image to fit your liking

if you want the psd hit me up with a pm


HackingForceon June 10 2007 - 23:41:27
Nice tutorial, for those who want the full pic for testing: . ./stock.jpg
CrazyCaity123on June 10 2007 - 23:48:27
Not bad as an article...then you realized you've just read an article about how to crop and layer pictures. v_v
jaggedlanceron June 11 2007 - 00:37:00
Nice artical, although there is another way in which you can also get rid of those pesky little bits which also get rid of the bits you wanna keep just press D then Q then colour in the bit you wanna keep and it should be a transparant red then when your done press Q again then DELETE and the bit around it will disappear Grin
korgon June 11 2007 - 10:43:31
I think it's a decent article like the pics, Should help people starting out in photoshop. Hi Turbo miss mePfft
midoon June 11 2007 - 11:08:59
Nice article as a beginning Smile
spywareon June 11 2007 - 12:04:24
article sucks, there are 100 better ways to do this.
Ayr4on June 11 2007 - 20:52:02
And he showd us 1 of the ways. Pretty good article.
turbocharged_06on June 11 2007 - 23:35:07
why dont you make one spyware i know how good you are in graphics Wink p.s. i submitted another tutorial but i dont know what hapened ill have to resubmit
chaunchothenachoon June 12 2007 - 06:05:57
this also works for gimp
chaunchothenachoon June 12 2007 - 06:06:44
this also works for gimp
koolkeith12345on June 12 2007 - 16:58:16
maybe you could include some other different ways but its quite good. im voting good
sToRm_seveNon June 13 2007 - 20:01:03
it's not a very well cut out picture, but that's the main point of it. the eraser has some more options that will help it look more real. also, you forgot to erase some grass around the hair
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