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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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How to save Pandora songs with the new version of pandora

Arrow Image They plugged the old hole,
heres a new one.

How to save Pandora songs with the new version of pandora

First of all, if you have never used pandora go to
It is an internet radio station that uses your music choices to decide what
you want to hear next.

The problem is that it doesn\'t allow you to rewind or replay songs when you want
to. Pandora used to leave the mp3\'s as temp files on your computer and all you had to
do was rename them and ad the ID3 info. They plugged that hole and now the song is only
stored in ram, so unless you want to do a lot of digging you can\'t find the song right?
Well, I found a song I really liked but couldn\'t find it anywhere else, so I wanted to
figure out how to grab it from pandora.
I\'m not sure if anyone else has found this method yet and are keeping it under wraps or
what but I couldn\'t find anything about it on the net.

What you\'ll need:
Open Pandora, the exe version of pandora player
Ethereal, you had better know what this is
Any web browser

First, fire up ethereal and enter the capture config screen, set it to your
ethernet device, set capture filter to \"tcp port 80\", check \"Update list of packets
in real time\", check \"Hide Capture info Dialog\", if you have problems with ethereal
randomly crashing uncheck all the Name Resolution boxes.
Click Start to begin capturing packets.

Start Open Pandora and select your station, wait for the song you want to start playing,
you may want to periodically purge the sniff buffer or it can get kinda hard to find the
connection you need later.

When the song you want starts playing wait a few seconds and press pause.
Go into ethereal and find an http packet that looks something like this:
GET /access/56475667880260387?version=4&lid=24778476&token=XwhviV9SBJEYI8TTCX7VV7LNCAN1Y2zIdB
but the token will be a lot longer, I truncated this one so it would fit here.

Right click on this packet and select \"Follow TCP Stream\".
In the window that pops up select everything between \"GET\" and \"HTTP/1.1\"
Paste it into a notepad instance, then from the stream dump copy the Host address.
Put the URL in front of the host address and put it in your browser, hit enter.

A download of some randomly named file should start, when it finishes rename it, add the ID3
info, and add the mp3 extension.

Congratulations! You can now keep your Pandora music!


You may reproduce this anywhere but please give me credit.


nights_shadowon April 02 2007 - 19:18:56
Nice method, sucks that the patched the part about them storing it in the temp files! Pfft Although, soundclick is still exploitable to that...
bubbleon April 02 2007 - 23:32:43
You could also record the whole song with Audacity and export is as a MP3. That works with Youtube too.Grin
wolfmankurdon April 07 2007 - 22:00:53
Nice work download.
DotHacker0on September 28 2008 - 20:05:10
Is there even an .exe version anymore? I can't find it on their site.
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