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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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how to put a computer together

Arrow Image how to put a computer together

so im sure many of you want to know how put a computer together so you won\\\'t have to waist money or so you can make money well i am making this article so you won\\\'t have to dream anymore so to start off you are going to need to pay thats right you need to pay i know it sucks but it\\\'s worth it so you will need the following parts now you are ready to start

but wait!!

i am sure you want to know what the parts are and do so let me tell you:
a motherboard is the central or primary circuit board and it makes up the complex electronical system a hard drive is the memory of the computer the modem card is the device that you hook up your internet connection to the video card is the device that you hook up your monitor to the sound card is the device you hook up your speakers to the cd or dvd drives or the devices you put cds or dvds in and they play or open them the power supply is the device that gives your computer power the ram sticks are the sticks that give your computer speed.

the case is the tower that you will be building you\\\'re lovely machine in ok now where going to get to the fun part so you are going to get the screws and other stuff that comes with the case that you have purchased it should be in a baggy ok so now you have the tiny gold screws which are called spacers these are very important so don\\\'t throw them or lose them know i find it is easier to install everything with the case laying on its side open...

so your going to put the mother board over the case and the motherboard should have holes in the corners and the middle so you put the motherboard over the case and you notice the holes line up so you move the motherboard and place the spacers in the holes that were lined up with the motherboards holes this is so the motherboard won\\\'t touch the metal and fry ok?

after you screw in the spacers (you can easily do that with your hands) you put the motherboard in and make sure the motherboard is balanced so it won\\\'t brake.
after you put the motherboard in and screw it in you put the power supply in by putting it in the side of the case and slided it to the front back of the case then you screw it in from the outside of the case so that it won\\\'t fall out.
now you plug in the wire it is the biggest one from the power put it into the motherboard it is common sense where it goes and if you have a newer board you can also plug in the smaller plug it\\\'s the only different one other than the one you already plugged in.
now you need to put in the little black plugs that are in the case they are hooked up to the front of the the case these are the wires that make your buttons work like the power button.
so you need to read the plugs the one we are looking for is the one that says power you plug that one in to the motherboard it says power and now you can try out your computer.
so you know you are doing it right so far you plug in your computer like you always do and press the on button if you see the fan move then success but don\\\'t celebrate so far you aren\\\'t done yet.
now you need to put the hard drive in.
you insert it between the metal will know what i am talking about when you see it .
now that it is in you screw it in with two screws there are holes that line up on the holes on the hard drive and if you don\\\'t see the holes you need to turn the hard drive on its side that\\\'s how you install it on it\\\'s side now that you have the hard drive properly in place and secure we plug it in, the power supply has alot of wires that look the same you are going to plug in any one of them into the hard drive and you should have a ribbon that came with the product.
you plug the ribbon in to the place it fits on the motherboard it will be next to the place where you hooked up the hard drive. and now that you have your memory for your computer you are going to plug in the ram sticks.
you put the ram sticks in the place where they fit you need to push down the little things that are blocking the sticks from going in all the way so that you can put the sticks in place.
if you do that right the things should pop back up keeping the sticks in place now you have speed on your computer.
okay so now you are going to plug in the video card.
there is a slot on the motherboard and the case is blocking the outside of it so you need to unscrew the medal boundary so you can plug in the video card.
it is very simple after you do that you put the video card in the biggest slot it should fit perfect now you can plug in your monitor.
okay so now you have to put the sound card in it is basically the same process only this time put it in the smaller slot.
now you can plug in your sound and hear congrats but were still not done now.
you need to plug in the modem card this is the same process of the sound card.
after you are done with that you can plug in your internet cord after you are done with that you can now hook up your cd and dvd drives they are the same process as the hard drive you plug in the power supply wire that looks exactly like the one you plugged into the hard drive and then you get the ribbons that came with the drives and plug them into the motherboard you can plug the same ribbon into both the drives if it has three ends only so now you are done with you\\\'re hacking machine and you can have fun.

I hope you enjoyed the article because i think i have writers cramp now it is my first article so please be nice i know it\\\'s long but it has everything that you need to know to put a computer together



Happysmilemanon March 27 2007 - 18:22:31
Good, fairly detailed... I give it a good rating... But next time you write an article please use proper punctuation and separate the main text of the article into a few different paragraphs, this is fairly hard to read.
Nubzzzon March 28 2007 - 04:04:08
agreed. it is fairly good. also next time (i dont even remember if you can do this) but include pictures if you can. it will greatly help with an article like this oneGrin
s0l1dsnak3123on March 28 2007 - 18:13:36
ive never built a pc, so i may be talking crap - what about USB? what about printer ports? do they come with the motherboard? also your punctuation is pretty bad... especially if English isn't your first language (English is my first language - I'm just thinking through the eyes of other people.)
Nubzzzon March 29 2007 - 05:04:46
USB, printer ports, and many other things normally come built-in on newer motherboards.
korgon March 29 2007 - 11:54:40
Not to be a dick but sounds like 1st grader building legos. When you install your video carrds lets talk agp,pci,pci express not biggest slot,Same on sound card.Drives get plugged in the pri & sec ide plugs, Unless you have SATA then sata plug. Get more into cooling,lighting inside just needs to be more technical. I could go on forever so I'll stop. Build computers dailyWink
sirus69on March 29 2007 - 14:33:08
the english is very bad and poorly written no offense.. just not that much detail really
robertgameon March 31 2007 - 10:16:11
It's a pretty good article for beginners I guess...but yeah, it's poorly formatted and makes my eyes bleed :evil:
cubeman372on April 01 2007 - 14:37:43
Not exactly how I would do it. But that would be enough to get a PC up and running yes.
CellPhishon April 05 2007 - 21:09:42
punctuation isnt that bad..we make guys just prolly dont know how to read thats all Wink
koolkeith12345on June 12 2007 - 21:00:30
oww my eyes... my poor poor eyes. please break it up a bit!! if you are writing articles then you need to think about the reader AND READ THROUGH IT AT THE END to check for mistakes. im sorry but you can find a more detailed article with fewer mistakes with google
thehacker3on September 27 2007 - 00:04:37
very good article but of all the topics in article writing, u picked one of the hardest. it's very difficult to make a newb understand how to put a pc together and this guide really doesn't help because not all cases are the same and things may be in different places. good article but a video would make things MUCH more clear
thehacker3on September 27 2007 - 00:06:29
very good article but of all the topics in article writing, u picked one of the hardest. it's very difficult to make a newb understand how to put a pc together and this guide really doesn't help because not all cases are the same and things may be in different places. good article but a video would make things MUCH more clear
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