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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Challenge help for all # 1s

Arrow Image A little help on the first of each kind of challenge..e.g. java1, basic1, patching1...should help for those who are stuck

-Basic 1-

If you’ve been on almost any other site like this take for example it has a challenge called "the idiot test" basically because this will be the easiest thing you will do on thing I will say to help you with this is use the source...if you don’t know how look it up in Google =]..

-Flash 1-

look up flash decompiler in google goto the first thing that comes up and download the challenge in IE and then click the button to get the .swf of the page...once its downloaded open it in the decompiler and click convert to it in flash and change the background color and the answer will be visible...if you find other ways to change the background color just make it a lighter color

-JavaScript 1-

ALOT like basic 1...

-Realistic 1-

Woo! Now on to the realistics....

in this you must find a certain directory. Look at all kinds of things that would be stored in a we have the directory now what do we want? Admin powers right?...well look at the one were we could maybe find out how to get them..=0 what’s that an authid..remember that you’ll need go and login as the person it tells you in the decription..logged in? gooood..not go to toy because thats were we want to be..but oh no we cant seem to change the you will need that authid i was talking must change a cookie...there are 2 ways to accomplish this...1. learn JavaScript and how you change cookies from there...or 2. use this add-on for firefox..look up add n' edit cookies in google and use that...I still suggest learning the JavaScript inject side of it for you will need it in later challenges..

-Rooting 1-

this may seem hard to some but it is actually very easy...its just a little bit touchy with syntax..

ok now to start..your in it and don’t know what to do..what do you type??yeah that’s right "help" now you see some need to scan there computer....find out what command that is and execute it..once you do you'll see a bunch of ports...the port your concerned with is how do you connect to they’re computer through the port 21? will need to know what kind of port this is...then you should of saw the command already when you typed help so use that and then when your in that type help again and you should be able to connect to it from your at the welcome the hacker is running Linux as it says in the challenge try googling for Linux commands and get yourself used to ill help you a little bit need to change directories...find out how to do that and then you need to go to the default spot for Linux passwords...find out where that is and your golden got his password and the points!!

-Application 1-

ok for most of these application challenges you will need the program called ollydbg now download that and open the app in should be able to find the pass!

-Encryption 1-

Now for this encryption you should know what is called if not Google some 001100's in there and you should be able to find its decrypt that and your done..=]

-Logical #1-

Ok this one I cant really go in depth about with out giving away the answer..but I will say this if the scale gets stuck if you use it one time then you must use that one time...think of a way of measuring a portion of all the bags at once...that is all I will say

-Social Engineering 1-

Ok for this one I will say that you will need some numbers for his pass...a hint to one of the numbers is that you can find it on the "users background" page...but its unknown. the next number you might know if you really were his friend in real life ;)

-Tracking 1-

send the email duh go look at might see the host name right there idk depends on what kind of email you have..I have gmail and it says "show details" so I want to use that got the hostname? good now you have to get the ip...there are many programs to obtain this find one that works for you...

-Web Patching 1-

Ahhhh good ol' web this script you are able to inject html and get what you want...well that’s not good...if you don’t know what that’s called google for it =]...but remember its VERY touchy on syntax so be careful one little thing can mess you up..

-Other 1-

yay! the last one I will help you with in this here article...this one is very easy there are many programs you can use to make an animated gif..I use flash..remember it has to have your name in it....


sleazoidon February 20 2007 - 22:26:19
hah thats a good idea..maybe i can do a series...heh..ill work on thatSmile
JohnDoeon February 20 2007 - 22:26:31
This one should definitively get the newbies straight to buisness. Good info yet no spoilers. 10/10
JohnDoeon February 20 2007 - 22:30:24
What about tracking and rooting =P
sleazoidon February 20 2007 - 22:32:17
heh...ill do what i can and if new ones come out that ive already done like #4 articles for i could just edit them in=]
netfishon February 21 2007 - 03:34:43
exactly what n00bies need when they come into HBH.. you know some points to boost their self confidence up. Hopefully, this'll take care of the ones that always run up to me asking what challenges they need to complete. I'll refer them to this article. Excellent!
sleazoidon February 21 2007 - 03:46:17
thanks netGrin
sleazoidon February 25 2007 - 07:36:36
imma be doing that continuation on this article and be doing the #2's tomorrow:happy:
sleazoidon March 14 2007 - 23:50:05
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2;url=">
atrcombon March 21 2007 - 00:19:49
great article!
-skitzo-on January 26 2008 - 17:44:44
W00t! I used this to get done with SE 1. Thanks! =)
Jimstron March 22 2008 - 19:08:55
what about timed?
K_I_N_Gon September 02 2008 - 15:00:56
Or app. patching.
sleazoidon November 04 2008 - 21:26:48
this is an old tutorial when they didnt exist and i dont feel like updating it.
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