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Monday, April 21, 2014
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Arrow Image Good Article by Folk Theory

/*to admins and reviewers: if you think this article has too many spoilers please edit it or let me edit it but please dont fully erase it! Also, please notify me if it isn\'t accepted so I can now.*/

In this tutorial, I will not spoonfeed you or spoil you the challenges.
However, my goal is to get you to understand what theyre for and how to solve them.
Being as this is my first article please don\'t forget to rate it

Before you start!
You need to get a host to host your files that you\'ll be uploading to the web.
If you don\'t already have one, google \'free hosts\' and get one.
I use but I\'m not that happy with it so just look around...
You will need an FTP server to upload your files. SmartFTP is very good and free of charge. Just download it.

Challenge 1
Description: Design a colourful animated GIF image. The image must include your username.
You can do a .gif image or short video using Photoshop or if you dont have it, you can use The Gimp (thats what I used)
It\'s very good and it\'s easy to create gifs on it. go to wikipedia to see what gifs are (
dont forget to save your work as .gif and upload it to your server. GiFs are nice to have as avatars and make it easier to other users
to remeber who you are and other posts youve posted.

Challenge 2
Description: Setup your own website with some content. Please link to a page with evidence
Simply create an .html file that says your username on it and you may add some other nice things to it but it isn\'t necessary.
upload it to your host and you\'re done. now if you don\'t know HTML it is very important you learn it and fast.
Try either or and see the tutorials. name the file index.html or index.php

Challenge 3
Description: Script and set up your own CMS in PHP. Please link to a page with evidence.
First read the following:
then learn PHP at (look at their tutorial)
By now you know that coding a CMS in PHP requires a lot of skill and is an advanced thing.
when you\'re ready for it, go for it.

Challenge 4
Description: 1)Download and install Firefox, and 2)set it as your default browser.
go to mozilla ( and click download. if your school doesn\'t allow downloading click on run. it worked on my school
and it downloaded just fine... now, why is Firefox important? because 1) it\'s fast 2)it\'s safe 3) it\'s free (free as in no money)
4)it\'s open source (free as in freedom) and 5) its not freaking Microsoft!! also 6) it\'s got cool plug-ins and 7)it runs on linux

Challenge 5
Description: Install Linux on your box
linux is great because is completly open source, meaning you can see it\'s code, alter it\'s code and add code.
this makes it great for programmers, hackers and computer oriented people of all sorts.
there are many different distributions available out there you should start with a beginner-oriented one
(and people will argue with me on this and theyre probably right so dont listen to me)
read here on their differences
and choose from the following Debian, Ubuntu (my personal favorite), slackware, gentoo, freeBSD, openBSD, fedora core 6, mandrake, KDE
go to their websites and read on them or just go to and save yourself all the trouble (i\'m gonna be killed for this)

Challenge 6
Description: Discover a exploit in a well known piece CMS or forum.
(your answer should be the URL to the page you are credited on - e.g a page on Security Focus)
If you\'ve not completed challenge 3 then go and do it. then, just go and find an exploit.
there are many articles in the web hacking section that can help you.
don\'t do anything malicious or ilegal or security focus won\'t be ahppy!

CHallenge 7
Description: An article you have submitted that has 3+ Good ratings. Please link to the atricle.
so this one might be the easiest one, given that you have something to write about.
If not, then just wait, read up, learn more, do challenges, one day you\'ll be sitting there and think
\"hey I could write a [good] article about this!!
then go and do it and dont forget to not make too many mispellings or misplace modifiers or crap like that.

Challenge 8
Description: Design a good graphical sig for another person. Please link to a page displaying the sig + credit to you.
For this one you\'ll have to know how to use some graphics. you can use Photoshop, The Gimp (great, free, open-source,
or macromedia fireworks (good for vector graphics). don\'t forget to experiment with your designs, be original and have fun!
to find a user in need of a signature go to the original sig forum:
My awesome sig was made by atrcomb!

Challenge 9
Description: Crack this hash: 54666C2C5324279450A6EE8AC0992588
It is quite obvious that this is a code that you have to crack, but how?
there are two ways to do this: a lazy one and an easy one. ill tell you the easy because that way youll learn something.
first go to here: and read up one whats an MD5 Hash etc.
then (now is where the lazy way starts) copy the string and paste it in google. you\'ll see the answer all over the place....
What i did is IM (AIM orAOL) md5library with the hash and it IMs you back the answer.

Challenge 10
Description: Crack this hash: hbh:spnlhmTpnxYQ.
this one is a complicated one.
if you IM md5library he\'ll reply: it seems like an LM hash to me...
so go to and learn about LM hashes
eventually you\'ll need a program called jack the ripper to solve this.

Challenge 11
Description: Place a link to HBH on another site / forum. DO NOT place the link on a hacked site.
So what you do is like this. open your SmartFTP (read introduction to this article) then edit your index.html (read chall. 2)
and add a link to this site. if you dont know how to link sites learn HTML fast! either at or
thats pretty much it for this challenge.

Challenge 12
Description: Link to your zone-h defacement page...
go to you\'ll see its a hacking site that publishes, among other things, defacements.
a user that has defaced may upload his defacement and the admins will publish it on the website...

~Folk Theory


only_samuraion February 14 2007 - 03:56:35
okay....I accepted this article...i realize there is one on others already...but this one was more indepth and had a reason why each is useful.....
jaggedlanceron February 14 2007 - 04:23:39
Thanks Grin Many of the others dont give much explanation on how to do them and this explained alot to me :happy:
mastergameron February 14 2007 - 09:15:00
Great article (btw, the prog is john the ripper, not jack.
Itachi Uchihaon February 14 2007 - 10:43:49
Its DES ot LM.
Uber0non February 14 2007 - 12:01:42
Good work Folk Theory! Seems to me like you're a good writer, so I think you should make some more articles Wink
DarkPanther_on February 14 2007 - 12:36:19
Yeah, I agree with Uber0n And this article helped me with a chellenge or two Pfft
nights_shadowon February 14 2007 - 21:16:29
Why does everyone call jtr Jack the Ripper?! Jack was a serial killer! WHY!!!! 5 - you could have referred them to that basic challenge as well. *hint - i didn't use linux when completing that challenge...
If you've not completed challenge 3 then go and do it. then, just go and find an exploit
- why #3?
copy the string and paste it in google
Rofl, would you look at that, there's a technique for major spoilage.
Description: Crack this hash: hbh:spnlhmTpnxYQ. this one is a complicated one. if you IM md5library he'll reply: it seems like an LM hash to me... so go to and learn about LM hashes eventually you'll need a program called jack the ripper to solve this.
There are SO MANY things wrong with this i don't even know where to begin (a couple stated above by Itachi and myself) did you come about john the ripper in the first place when searching for LM?!
robertgameon February 18 2007 - 20:40:52
Great article, can't wait to see more of your great writings Smile
Folk Theoryon February 19 2007 - 00:27:35
thank you everyone!! im sorry i made some mistakes on challenge 10... as per your requests, ill write a new article when i find useful material.
cyberbazeon February 22 2007 - 13:31:46
" and choose from the following Debian, Ubuntu (my personal favorite), slackware, gentoo, freeBSD, openBSD, fedora core 6, mandrake, KDE" Since when KDE is a distribution ? ::angry:
TotcoSon March 12 2007 - 05:04:13
john* the ripper
richohealeyon May 10 2007 - 10:14:28
lol, and at time of writing mandrake had changed to mandriva.
Folk Theoryon December 09 2007 - 01:49:34
lol i made a lot of mistakes, oh well. i cant believe i put KDE there.
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