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Few are those who can see with their own eyes and hear with their own hearts. - Albert Einstein
Thursday, April 24, 2014
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What will you walk away knowing from HBH.

Arrow Image What will you walk away knowing from HBH.

There are many types of individuals whom use this site, Now the question resides in everyone\'s minds, what do I get out of this website. Is it the ability to exist in a world where the amount of popularity doesn\'t matter, but the fact that you know numerous programming languages or how to decipher a source from a webpage. Or, is it the fact that you can learn something from a group of anonymous people whom of which you can learn a lifetime of useful knowledge from, and combine ideas and bond through one common belief, which is in this case, the ability to hack.. whether it be black hat or white hat, doesn\'t matter. All that matters is the simple fact that we are all here to learn, well, some of us are here to learn. Others are here to just gain points to appear cool or what not.

Now the questions I leave to you to think about are these, What will you walk away from this site with? Will you walk away with a better understanding of a computer language or many? Will you walk away knowing that you can make any webpage do whatever it is that you want? Will you just simply walk away thinking to yourself, WOW I made UBER ELITE and have no clue how I did it? The reasons I ask these questions is because of this, when each of us login to, we are taken to another world where there are no faces nor clothing styles or what not. We are all combined under this simple ideal of Hacking, which as Mr. Cheese explains it to be a philosophy. When you learn the most simple things in hacking such as just looking at a source or maybe even doing a javascript injection, you have a feeling inside that you have power over something, you can manipulate almost anything you want.

Now the reason for this article is to get everyone to think about just exactly what it is that draws them into this world of coding, injections, hashes, and editing of programs. And not only that, but what draws each one of us to this site or sites like this.

Is it because you actually want to learn a philosophy, or an art, or whatever you may believe it to be?


Is it because you want to seem cool and have alot of points?

There are both types of individuals on this site, as well as other sites. Now here\'s a scenario that would help explain what made me think of writing this article.

I was lying in my bed last night and was thinking about what I did today. I had completed a few missions and reminisced about what I had learned, and then thought about the fact that someday HBH will not exist... and thought about what mattered more.. The knowledge I have learned over the past few years or the amount of points I have acquired on numerous sites.

So I started to put together an article, which by the way if you cannot tell, I rant off a little bit, so the end result ends up being... a zig zag article.

Well this is these are the final questions I leave with all of you to think about.

What would you walk away with from this site if it were to go down, being the fact that Mr. Cheese could very easily shutdown this site if he wished?

Would you walk away with a better understanding of a computer language, xss, injections, editing html, writing programs /challenges, and the ability to hack regardless the level you are at?


Would you walk away with the knowledge that you were Uber Elite on a site that is just a site that teaches things and is a place for people that have the same interests to come and learn and talk, and then one day have that site gone, and you be the only one whom knew you were Uber Elite?

Hopefully this will make people think about what they want to get from this site.

In my case I am learning, and take notes on what I\'ve done and sometimes drive myself insane for two weeks because I am so close to understanding something and then at the same time so far away from the concept.

Hopefully people will rate this however that doesn\'t matter to me. I would rather people read this and get something out of it then me have a rating on my article... It doesnt matter the rating, all that matters is that at least one person gets something out of this.

-robert (usmcrrreed19) === the unknown peaks my interest ===


s0l1dsnak3123on January 14 2007 - 15:51:19
I found this a very interesting read thank you Smile
spywareon January 14 2007 - 16:06:49
I am Uber Elite, and you are not. You should give the challs another shot. Not because you want to learn, these challs are really fake. If you want to learn, do something real, ffs.
usmcrreed19on January 14 2007 - 16:27:24
I know I am not Uber Elite... and I also know that these challenges are fake.. however for someone whom has not done any kind of hacking what so ever... This starts a basic foundation for them to learn off of. Such as I didnt know much about javascript injections, but now I do, well sort of. I didnt know alot of things that I know now.. and I am still learning... heck I have only been hacking for like 3 months now... yet i have been programming for almost 3 years.... so as I said before.. You can still learn something from this site.
spywareon January 14 2007 - 16:30:36
You can learn from everything. Some sites will teach you more/better stuff then other sites.
manticoreon January 14 2007 - 17:20:56
Well if HBH were to shut down, I would be sad. But I will take comfort in the fact I have gained a lot of knowedge from here on a wide range of topics. This has been a very insightful article!
Uber0non January 14 2007 - 17:58:51
One thing I find extremely important is the social part of HBH. If this site had no forums, shoutbox or a PM system, just challenges, I wouldn't have logged in here more than one or two times and never gotten back. It's something special about learning to know people even though they're all able to be anonymous.
mozzeron January 14 2007 - 19:59:04
I agree with Uber0n, the challenges compared to the community are worthless
-The_Flash-on January 14 2007 - 20:43:47
Agreed. However I would like to touch on a few of these things.
Others are here to just gain points to appear cool or what not.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you gain points from showing an understanding of something, thus canceling out your first point.
Is it because you want to seem cool and have alot of points?
Points don't show how 'cool' someone is, they show what that person has accomplished. Regardless, your more likely to listen to someone who's a 'HBH Guru' to someone with the rank of 'Guest'. You say you came to this site to learn. Unless you read articles and forums (Unlike this article which I have had more pleasure reading the timetable of the local bus service) then you are rewarded points for learning, knowing and understanding. Not being fucking cool.
Would you walk away with the knowledge that you were Uber Elite on a site that is just a site that teaches things and is a place for people that have the same interests to come and learn and talk, and then one day have that site gone, and you be the only one whom knew you were Uber Elite?
Well in your case then yes. Because I've not heard of you. Seen of you, hell I've forgotten your username already. But there are people here which I'll remember when I'm an adult with my family. I hope that answers any questions you might of had, and believe me, I wouldn't of accepted this article if I had seen it first., KayThnxBai
bardonicuson January 14 2007 - 20:49:14
Bravo man, a really good read. Kind of sad to think that HBH will not be around one day. This has been a digital haven of knowledge for many of us and it's sad to think that it might not be around for as long as we all hoped. God save the hackers.
CrazyCaity123on January 15 2007 - 04:08:46
I'm gonna walk away knowing you wanted to know what I was gonna walk away with knowing Smile And by the way, I don't need points to look cool B)
xmikeoxon January 15 2007 - 05:44:18
I don't fully agree with what you say, but I respect you cause you tell it.
richohealeyon January 16 2007 - 04:54:21
some of your points are well made, but there are serious grammar things. it reads as though you were trying to sound intelligent, using language that you wouldn't ordinarily use. i disagree about your mockery of the points. true, there are many skilled hackers who ust hang out here and (rightfully) believe the challenges are below them, but by and large the people with high rankings know what they are on about. god luck with whatever you choose to do.
carricoon January 16 2007 - 07:30:17
good point about just doing all this for more reason people might do this is just because it's fun. they dont care about learning
ObsceneArton February 10 2007 - 06:07:26
How to look for session files in the images folder. How to use outdated crappy methods. You basically don't learn anything.
end3ron March 15 2007 - 16:13:43
that was dumb giving us only two reasons for being part of this site. One is gonna be looked well upon and the other won't.
p99on July 08 2007 - 02:19:36
Grow up people, Hacking is much more than cracking into a site or finding a hidden password. It is a Philosophy, a way of life. Can you look at a cd player and turn it into a jukebox? It's an art and computers would not be they same today without hackers. Hell the name doesn't even carry the same meaning these days. Now ethics aren't necessarily the biggest part of hacking but they are there. Nobody gives a flying fuck that you can hack your Ex's computer and steal naked pictures of her. Nor do they care you changed the FBi's index page. People look for the good egg in the carton. I'm talking about the people that hack technology and make innovations. The people that created html will go farther in history than the ones that exploited it. I liked this article and it made a lot of good points. Thanks you for your time people.
cloudd2on December 01 2007 - 20:21:09
VERY interesting!! I agree with you, we are here to learn
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