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Sunday, April 20, 2014
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WinSCP3 - Local & Remote PC files TRANSFER.

Arrow Image sometimes you want to transfer files from linux to windows without having to use CDs or dangerous P2P software. That's why there's a quick and easy way to communicate between same or different Operating Systems.


I\'m not responsible for how you use this information, tools, or techniques.


\"an open source free SFTP client for Windows using SSH. Legacy SCP protocol is also supported. Its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer.\"


Let\'s use it\'s main function then, and show how to transfer files from linux to windows.


- Remote System to be LINUX, and ON.
- Knowledge of the Remote System\'s login info (username, password) and IP Address/host name.
- Local System to be Windows XP/Vista
- Port 22 not be blocked by (software/hardware) firewall


Let\'s go!


Suppose that a friend of yours [LINUX] has some files that he offers to you [WINDOWS].

To connect to his \"box\", and get unobstructed access to files/folders:

- Download WinSCP\'s:
(I suggest downloading the \"Standalone Application\" since you don\'t need to install it. Just click and run it).

- Double click the Program, and you should get a screen resembling:

- Input in the form of the application their:
a. Host Name/IP Address
b. Port Number: 22 (default)
c. Username
d. Password

NOTE: check the appropriate boxes/buttons according to your preferences and system configuration.

Otherwise, the default settings should be fine for normal operation.

- Click on \"LOGIN\"
- If all went well, you should be presented with a screen looking like:

- All you need to do, now, is to drag and drop your files across the systems.

Happy File transfering or Pirating.

Keepin\' it Rael,


n3w7yp3on December 27 2006 - 16:10:11
No offense, netfish, but this was really a waste. Everyone knows about scp and sftp. [n3w7yp3@localhost n3w7yp3]$ whatis sftp sftp (1) - Secure file transfer program sftp-server (8) - SFTP server subsystem [n3w7yp3@localhost n3w7yp3]$ whatis scp scp (1) - secure copy (remote file copy program) [n3w7yp3@localhost n3w7yp3]$ Incidently, this will also work with *any* host running OpenSSH, not just Linux. Really, this is a waste of space, as is this comment. The only reason I'm leaving anything is because you asked people to.
netfishon December 27 2006 - 18:48:23
G-Line, thx for the comment, boss. You can and won't stop me. It might be a waste of your time, but not for people who don't know how to use it...
richohealeyon December 28 2006 - 04:43:56
i agree this wasn't as good as your other arts netfish. it's a fairly niche piece of info, really people who understand what ssh is, will probably have the knowhow to use use sftp.
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