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Thursday, October 18, 2018
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John The Ripper For Linux

Arrow Image John The Ripper Tutorial For UNIX/LINUX Only

Linux/Unix :

First of all you should be able to use the root account , I myself use root all the time if you are like me and are in root all the time take su out of any commands i use here

First of all you should get the source package so in terminal type

CD to the directory where it was saved and run
tar -zxf john-1.7.2.tar.gz
mv john-1.7.2 /bin

So we have JTR out of that compressed package now
cd /bin/john-1.7.2/src

Right when you run the command make you will get a list of operating systems , choose the one for you and run
make clean SYSTEM
where system is the operating system it listed for you that you have
if your system is not in the appropriate list type in
make clean generic

After that it should be installed so now
cd ../run
./john --test

If it comes up with information then the install worked well , now onto using it , as you can see ./john if the apropriate command to start it , here are the commands

--single \"single crack\" mode
--wordlist=FILE --stdin wordlist mode, read words from FILE or stdin
--rules enable word mangling rules for wordlist mode
--incremental[=MODE] \"incremental\" mode [using section MODE]
--external=MODE external mode or word filter
--stdout[=LENGTH] just output candidate passwords [cut at LENGTH]
--restore[=NAME] restore an interrupted session [called NAME]
--session=NAME give a new session the NAME
--status[=NAME] print status of a session [called NAME]
--make-charset=FILE make a charset, FILE will be overwritten
--show show cracked passwords
--test perform a benchmark
--users=[-]LOGIN|UID[,..] [do not] load this (these) user(s) only
--groups=[-]GID[,..] load users [not] of this (these) group(s) only
--shells=[-]SHELL[,..] load users with[out] this (these) shell(s) only
--salts=[-]COUNT load salts with[out] at least COUNT passwords only
--format=NAME force ciphertext format NAME: DES/BSDI/MD5/BF/AFS/LM
--save-memory=LEVEL enable memory saving, at LEVEL 1..3

So for example i put an MD5 hash in a file called passwd (note everything you make goes in the dir run) then you should have the password.lst JTR comes with so i would do

./john --wordlist=password.lst passwd

Which begins cracking the hashes in the file \'passwd\' from the wordlist \'password.lst\' , here is an example

[root@ns20 run]# ./john --wordlist=password.lst passwd
Loaded 1 password hash (Traditional DES [24/32 4K])
guesses: 0 time: 0:00:00:00 100% c/s: 51800 trying: qwaszx - zhongguo

Press enter or up or down to get the current status of JTR and where it is at and well that is all

Thanks for reading


-Intrus-on December 20 2006 - 16:50:58
what are you talking about
n3w7yp3on December 27 2006 - 16:12:39
This was an exact copy of the install documentation that came with john. Why do articles like this get approved? BTW, running as root all the time is a *really* bad idea.
0X702CHon December 31 2006 - 11:32:34
You said you put an MD5 hash, john said he loaded a DES...
_xTc_on December 31 2006 - 14:20:48
yea lol i was just using MD5 as an example , i didnt put an MD5 in
xmikeoxon January 16 2007 - 19:14:21
I'm getting a problem with the command you provided "No password hashes loaded" , I'll probably figure it out soon, before you see this comment anyways. So actually there is no point in me posting this comment. MY LIFE IS A NEVERENDING PARADOX! Angry
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