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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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How to view anyone's comments on

Arrow Image Err...kinda explained it in the subject. HOW TO VIEW ANYONE'S COMMENTS ON MYSPACE.

There. Just in case you didn't get it.

You may have a genuine reason for NOSING INTO OTHER PEOPLE\'S BUSINESS like i did :]
Or you may have another reason. I don\'t care.
Thats YOUR business.

My job is to tell you how to do it (if you do already in which case WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE?!?)

So you found a myspace profile. And you wanna read the comments.
Fair enough.

First off, you are gonna need a myspace account yourself, because myspace is secure like that. We don\'t want no paedophiles perving at lil girlies do we?

Second, click Edit Profile, then View Comments. You should get something similar to
(like i\'m gonna give you my f00king friend id, you must be having a laugh)

The Xs are the ones the change.

Third, CLICK on the targets picture/link to get to their profile. This will give you something similar to this:

THESE Xs go in the place of the other Xs.
Wait, why the hell did i do that?

THESE Ys go in the place of the Xs in the 2nd step. Didn\'t wanna confuse you there.

So you should have:
in your address bar.

Next step - Go there.
If you have read these instructions carefully you should be in.

If you see variables shown in the URL - Change them man - see what happens. Thats what I did.

I\'m supposed to say this is my first article so you should be nice, but sod it, i\'m hard.
Say what you want.

Feel free to teach me something you know.
I am simply a n00b with too much time which explains why I know more about myspace then I do about HBH.



J-Wreckon December 10 2006 - 21:26:42
This doesn't work if they have their profile set as private. If its not set as private you could just look at their profile, so this is kinda pointless.
-The_Flash-on December 10 2006 - 21:46:47
@ J-Wreck - Some people have a different layout including a hidden view-comment section. Although this seems a pretty pointless article and people who read this and didn't know it allready shouldn't be allowed to use a computer.
richohealeyon December 11 2006 - 04:28:32
also it would be easier to just change the word porfile to comment in the URL bar on their page.
reaper4334on December 11 2006 - 14:10:24
If they are in your friends list thingy then you can view their comments anyway right ? I don't know I'm not a myspace person heheWink
CrazyCaity123on December 11 2006 - 16:46:34
(if you do already in which case WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE?!?)--> To review the article and check for accuracy, of course. Wink
SwiftNomadon December 11 2006 - 18:47:37
erm- duh. If anyone has ever set up a div overlay profile than they know this..
TotcoSon January 14 2007 - 11:57:55
this is common sense. i used to know how to download undownloadable songs with a switch method like this but they changed the mp3 url. its like impossible now. common sense common sense :ninja:
Der Heiligenon March 10 2007 - 19:19:50
there's a way easier way in FF. I hate myspace, but I thought I should share this info. Just go to view, then page style, then click no style, and you'll see their comments. Besides that, good article, you could also possibly use for other sites too.
Crash Overronon May 27 2007 - 08:00:00
or...if the person has the style set to hide the comments simply open the source code(ctrl+u) click ctrl+f to find then type out comments and click a couple of times, VIOLA! u have the persons comments....:ninja:
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