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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Cleaning Windows Processes

Arrow Image A few unnecessary windows processes, descriptions, and removal processes along with how to find more on your own.

Spring Cleaning for Windows Processes

So, here we are again....running our almost new computer. You\'ve got a damned good processor, a few gigs of RAM, a video card that could render the real world......and yet Windows still finds a way to lag.

Here we will discuss a few of the system processes that get run and may be causing this slow down along with the security problems they may cause.

This is the McAfee SpamKiller package. It is responsible for running your CPU at extremely high percentages alot of the time. Some users report that it crashes their computer when they open/close outlook.
End MSKSrvr.exe in the Task Manager and deselect it using Run>msconfig>Services under the name McAfee SpamKiller Server
Danger Rating:
4, only slows your computer. No virus threat.

This is the Blaster Worm.This exploits the DCOM vulnerability using port 135 and targets Windows 2000 and XP. This worm spreads without anything having to be done by a user. Just being connected to the internet can let your computer become infected.
Open the Task Manger and end the mslaugh.exe. Under Run>msconfig>Startup remove it there. Finally, search for mslaugh.* and delete all occurrences.
Danger Rating:
10, very dangerous. Causes a lot of problems

This is the Windows Media Player Service for Media Player 7. The MPS (Media Player Service) is used for the Digital Rights Management system in Windows. This checks

every time you rip or move music to a device. It occupies at least 1.2Mb of memory and actually doesn\'t server the \"consumer\" in any possible way. If you ever used Media Player 7 and uninstalled it, this little bugger gets left behind.
Use command and type \"mspmspsv -u\" , no quotes, and follow the instructions.
Danger Rating:
2, no danger here, however it is spyware and takes up space and memory

This is the Windows Messenger, not to be confused with MSN Messenger. This is what allows your computer to send and receive Net Send commands. Not a highly dangerous process, but it does take time and space. It also can be used to connect to such worms such as: worm_agobot.ab, agabot.aab, and
Goto Run and type the command: RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\\INF\\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove
Danger Rating:
1, Not highly dangerous or resource consuming. Can be annoying if there\'s a skiddy on your network though

There are a lot of other very user/computer specific processes that are not needed at all times. Programs like iTunes, AIM, YM, Skype all have these autostart functions. They should be disabled unless you really do want it to start all the time. They use resources. Look through you Task Manger for processes that are running and consuming resources and check your Run>msconfing>Services/Startup for what is auto starting. Be careful removing some because they could cause major problems if they are integral to the running of some software, however; anything highly problematic to be stopped will be disallowed by Windows (some viruses are stopped similarly.) Google the name of the process to find out specifics. The site has a list of many processes for various programs along with descriptions, user remarks, and removal options.


only_samuraion December 07 2006 - 01:02:37
hmmm.....not sure why that is. i'll look into it
kiacolonelon December 07 2006 - 01:41:42
Heya Im a n00b when it comes to which processes are what - what is SVCHOST?? Suni
only_samuraion December 07 2006 - 02:31:35
did you google it? probably not. here's a link:
Intocksifyon December 10 2006 - 22:42:35
ah kk thx ^^
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