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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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how to use Net Send

Arrow Image what is net send and how to use it at school

Net Send is used to send messages to any host on network (lan or the internet) where messenger service is running. moreover on local computer workstation service should also be enabled. on command prompt or run write this command and press enter.

"Net Send 'IP Address' 'your message' "

this will send a message to that particular user and a popup dialog bow will appear on his screen if his messenger service is running. you can also use hostname of that computer or any "message alias". what?? what is message alias? on windows 2000 and onwards, messenger service maintains a list of message alias in a table know as message name table. message alias is just a name or any string. by default computer name and current session name are added to this alias table. but you can ass your own message alias by registering it in alias table by using this command.

" Net Name 'new message alias' "

Messenger service receives all messages whos recipents belong to alias table maintained by it. so if some other user on network type "net send new message alias message" it would be send to the host containing this message alias. you can retrieve list of registered message aliases by using following command.

"Net Name"

A window pops up with some what this on it

//Messenger Service
//Message from PAKIS to on 6/29/2003 9:16:06 Am
// hello

that what a net send looks like with out // before the words and a box around it

now you have to know some thing about net send try it out at school anonymous so you dont get caught and then try something bigger like 25-helo


start-run-cmd-shutdown -f




start-run-cmd-ping www.whitehouse.gove


start-run-cmd-ipconfig /all




start-run-edit-net send * Hello-save as message.bat

\*\ /*/ Velocity
/*/ \*\


BluMooseon November 15 2005 - 20:38:17
Pfft Fun to do, but way to easy to get caught XD 1 typo: start-run-cmd-ping www.whitehouse.gove should be XD
only_samuraion September 08 2006 - 19:13:54
i tried using the commands and it doesnt do anything....just display's it as part of the message...any ideas?
IS666on December 22 2006 - 16:30:03
ericinsurgenton July 27 2008 - 05:58:59
i used this in high school and if we got caught they would take away all computer privileges. also if you want to you can put a '*' in place of the ip address or user name it sends the massage to every one on the net work (that how we would get caught). it looks like you showed the use of that but didn't say what it did. one more thing is that vista does not have the net send command.
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