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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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AIM colors

Arrow Image make urself look awesome

OK, first off, you need nothing more then an ordinary version of AIM. Notice when you get a message from your buddy, it always looks the same. Did you know that using AIM colors and styles that you can make yourself look cooler? Yep, all you have to do is make sue you know what time zone they’re in. Most likely they’re in a different one, but make sure anyway. Just ask what time it is.

Okay, now the hard stuff starts. First, change your DEFAULT font name to “Times New Roman”, “Regular” style, Black, no background, and size 12. Type something like “Hi”. Then hold SHIFT and tap Enter. It should move the cursor down a line. Change the font color to “Blue” and “Bold”. Type something to the effect of:

Zz failure zZ has more skillz then n30zee

Or something like that. When you send it, it should look like AIM sent the message, not you! Using this method, I’ve had conversations with the other person without them talking, for example:

Zz failure zZ: hey
n30zee: shut up.
Zz failure zZ: HEY

But, to do this, we have to change some settings clearly. In the first line, your username is automatically added, so we don’t need that. Using the s+e (shift + enter) trick, move down to the second line. Change it to Bold and red, type their username and the colon. Then change it back to regular and black. You might be wondering, but before we changed it to blue, why red? Because on their computer it’ll look real (host sees themselves as red and others as blue). Type some message, then s+e, change to blue and bold, then your username followed by a colon. Change it back again, type your message, and continue until you’re done.

Using this method, you can trick people into thinking anything from that their computer is over-heating, to that Pluto is still a planet (It is not any long by the way). Have fun and enjoy!

This is my first article, so go easy


BioAlchmon August 28 2006 - 02:19:38
wow O.O u can do that?? :evil: MWA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!! >.> <.< sry, evil thought anyway, thats cool, i'll have to try it sometime
drew_m_noelon August 28 2006 - 20:04:06
lmao @ bioalchm. awesome article btw n30. 5/5. i used this to get AIM passwords.......:happy:
insane_phreakon August 29 2006 - 01:00:53
this article was hard to follow you might want to re-edit it
n30on August 29 2006 - 02:35:47
will do tomarrow:angry:
n30on August 29 2006 - 22:10:18
**updated article** for insane_freak. it was hard to follow before? i'll take ur word for it.
drew_m_noelon August 29 2006 - 22:15:07
@ aaaaaaaaaaaaa, i used my 1337 skillz in the social engineering field and i pretended that while we were talking the ADMIN entered the convo. then i had him ask for both pwords, and i willing gave mine (not my real one of course) and let them give theirs.:evil:
HopelessRomanticon August 30 2006 - 00:47:13
Awesome article and I don't say that about many. Great job, great info, this definitely deserves a 5.
system_meltdownon September 01 2006 - 22:06:04
where'd the content go :s
n30on September 02 2006 - 15:40:29
WTF? i dont know.
n30on September 05 2006 - 21:09:44
gave up on the friggin admins putting it back and re-added the stuff
Pheonixon September 08 2006 - 00:34:22
I love doing that, it is such a great thing to do nobody understands what you are doing, as everybody on my buddy list is a noob:ninja:
Flaming_figureson September 28 2006 - 22:10:18
But..... wont they notice it pops up on time with yours all the time? (btw, pretend like you don't see it. lol)
n30on October 07 2006 - 14:44:40
act like their computer must have a sucky connection. or have the 'admin' TELL them they have a bad connection Grin
Pheonixon November 26 2006 - 21:10:17
I've done that a ton before, but it is a great trick and everybody should learn it nice article:happy:
ZeckOwneron January 08 2007 - 05:40:02
Known that for soooo long. But same as Pheonix, everyone should know this. Smile Since the people I did this with were n00bs they didn't even realize that it appeared at the same time as mine.
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