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Monday, April 21, 2014
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Social Engineer Challenge 1

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Okay Im going to do my best helping with this challenge. (trying not to spoil the whole thing of course)

What is social engineering you ask? Well it has social in the name so you are using your social skills to get things that you want easier.

Wouldn\'t it be nice if you could get peoples passwords without them knowing? Or if you could have access to almost anywhere you wanted? Well its all possible. Its just a matter of getting info.

Now for the challenge. Read the users background carefully. It says that he likes numbers, math and sports. Thats a great hint. Ask him many questions. Get a peice of paper handy and write down the information as you get it.

Ask him anything and everything you can think of. If you get the annoying message telling you to make your questions more specific just try to word them differently.

When you get all the info you want try to use them as the password.

Open up notepad and put the words together in as many ways as you can think of


The last tip that I will give you is that you have to put two things together, Im not going to make any more spoilers because I dont want to ruin this for you.

What does this challenge teach me? You ask. Well the point of this challenge is what I talked about at the begining of this article. So that you can uptain peoples email passwords, login passwords and much more. This is not the only use for social engineering. You can use this to do countless other things.

A good example of what social engineering can do for you is getting a free pizza. (yes its possible =)) Doing this isnt that hard all you need to do is follow someone into a pizza place that is going to place a order. Listen closesly when they say there name and number. When you leave the pizza place write down the info. When you go home call the pizza place. I advise that you press *67 so that they cannot trace you. Anyways when you call them say that there was a problem with the pizza (this is there you have to be creative, not TOO creative lol) Tell them that you are letting them know about the problem with the pizza so that others dont have to eat it. Slowly work your way into asking if you can get your next pizza for half the price. If you have good social skills you should be able to get a entire free pizza. If you talk your way into it you could even get a large pizza for free.

I hope it helped you and I am sorry if I put too many spoilers in it.


-The_Flash-on August 21 2006 - 19:51:27
I'm sorry but I think this article should be deleted. It has less information than the existing article on social engineering 1 http://www.hellbo. . .cle_id=363 and the paragraph about getting a free pizza is from the hacking duo 'the broken' (http://thebroken.. . . - I suggest you add credit with link to both or remove the information.
WhiteAcidon August 23 2006 - 02:53:33
It's also below the 500 word limit
knutraineron August 23 2006 - 07:17:04
Wow this is spectacular crap. I give you an A+ for crap.
bardonicuson January 14 2007 - 22:12:50
You watched thebroken didnt you? Wink
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