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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Making Sexy Animated Sigs, Part I

Arrow Image Part I on how to make sigs as sexy as BluMoose's :)

@Making Sexy Animated Sigs@

(gotta love my ascii skillz...)

Alright, had some requests to make this, so here it is, a tutorial explaining in detail how to make sexy animated sigs. The end result of this tutorial will be my sig:

NOTE: I will show you how I made this sig, to teach you the principals, not so u can make cheap ripoffs and claim em as your own. All images and related stuffs in this article belong to me -.-

==What You Will Need==

-A good image editing software, preferibly Adobe Photoshop.

-Any type of animation program, I used Macromedia Flash.
(freeware GIF makers will work aswell, but a lot of effects will take a lot longer to make, and may not look as good)

Okay, before we begin, I give you BluMoose\'s Fun Facts on sexy animated sigs:


-You can use this method for a lot more than sigs
-Movie special effects are made in a similar way, just a little more proffesionally usually ;)
-They look extremely sexy
-They are a pain the the arse to make, and take a loong long time to get right :P

Alright, lets get to work. Ill split this tutorial into the several effects used for the sig, so you can skip to whatever effects you like ;) Or you can just read the whole thing...

~~Setting Up The Sig~~

Alright, I will be asuming you\'re using Flash and Photshop for this tutorial. Things may be pretty different in other programs, sorry for the inconvenience :)

Right then, open up yer Flash. Make a new docu<i></i>ment thingy.

First thing to do is set the sigs size. Under properties, change the size to whatever you want. Dont make it too big, as big sigs make people reaaaal angry.

~~The Binary~~

Pretty hacker sigs without binary are hard to come by. Green scrolling binary on a black background is the ultimate stereotype of hacking.

Okay, first thing first, name your current layer \"Background\", and draw a black rectangle that fills up the entire stage. Try to make it fit exactly, as it makes things easier later on.

Right, the first tedious part of the tutorial. Make a second layer and name it \"Binary\".

Now, make a textbox with as little width as you can get. Type 1 or 0, hit enter and repeat. Keep doing this till you have a nice long line of binary. Adding spaces every once in a while makes things more lively.

Align the bottom left corner with the top left corner of the stage, so that none of the numbers appear on it.

Repeat this untill you have filled up the entire top of the sig with rows of binary.

Right, lets start animating it. First thing to do is to make sure our background stays for aslong as we need it. Select the background layer, and rightlick around box 100, then select \"Insert Keyframe\".

Okay, reselect the binary layer, and insert a keyframe in the 2nd box. Select just one binary column, and move it down so that only the bottom number is on the stage. Make another keyframe in the 3rd box, move your binary row down 1 number, and select one or more other binary rows to drag down a number.

Continue this process untill all binary rows have completely run from top to bottom, and you have a black stage once more.

-For a more beautifuller binary effect, make some rows move faster than others (2 numbers per keyframe... etc)

It should look sumfing like this:

~~The Whitening Effect~~

No idea what to call this, its jst a more interesting transition from black background to white background...

Just make a wierd little white shape in the center of the binary layer (in a new keyframe), and keep makin keyframes, increasin the size of the thing till it fills up the entire stage. In the next keyframe, delete the shape, and colour the background white.


That sums up part one of this tutorial. Due to the article being long enough already, and me being tired, I will explain the rest of the effects in article 2, which I will submit shortly

Till then,
av fun ^-^



spywareon August 20 2006 - 19:10:55
Nice Smile Gotta love this shit.. rating it 5/5 Wink
BluMooseon August 20 2006 - 19:45:57
Grin Ill get the 2nd one done soon as I can Wink
n30on August 20 2006 - 23:04:41
lmao! i love that effect! thanx a mil. 5/5
Deviance_13on May 27 2007 - 17:27:54
if you'd be using tweens u'd make it fasterWink
PoorHackeron February 29 2008 - 10:56:44
it good
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