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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Elevator Hacking

Arrow Image Bypass all stops on an elevator...except for yours of course...

Okay, I got this article from another site, but I thought that I would post it here just to make it more accessible...

Standing in a crowded elevator that stops on every floor sucks. It\'s even worse during the summer. The elevator basically becomes a giant hot box on a string. The next time you find yourself in a hurry or just feel like taking an express elevator ride, try an elevator hack.


Any elevator
A desire for non-stop elevator service

Sometimes elevator manufactures include a button combination that allows you to put an elevator into \"express\" or \"independent service\" mode. When an elevator is in \"independent service\" mode, it will bypass all other stops except yours. This can be very handy during typical busy elevator times like the beginning and end of the work day and especially lunchtime.

Getting An Express Elevator Ride

So how do you get an express elevator ride?

There are a few methods:

The Key
Most modern elevators have a master key. You might have seen your building manager or a fireman with one of these special elevator keys. If you have an elevator key, it\'s a sure thing. Anyone with the key is getting an express ride.

Button Combo 1
Many older elevators can be put into \"independent service\" mode by pressing and holding both the Door Close and your desired floor buttons at the same time.

Button Combo 2
Push and hold down the button of the floor you want and it should bypass all other stops.

The Foot Plant
This is more of a \"dick move\" than a real hack. Firmly place your heel on the floor and the rest of your foot against the elevator door. If you have friends in the elevator with you, have them help. When the elevator reaches someone else\'s floor, the door will try to open, but won\'t be able to and should continue on to the next stop.

There is a drawback to the button combination method. Many elevators have the \"Door Close\" button disabled. They are just placebos, i.e. you think they do something, but in actual fact they do nothing.

Nerd Note
Many \"Push to Cross\" buttons at intersection crosswalks are also placebos. The next time you are at a crosswalk, take a closer look at the \"Push to Cross\" button. While on vacation in San Diego, I got stuck at an intersection that took forever for the light to change. While I was waiting, I took a closer look at the \"Push to Cross\" box attached to the light pole. There was a gap in the back of the box where you could see inside. Guess what? The button wasn\'t connected to any wires. It was just a placebo!

In the time it takes you to find the \"Door Close\" button and press it, the elevator door has probably already stated closing. As a result, an elevator that would normally be capable of going into \"independent service\" mode, will not do so without a functional Door Close button.

Hackable Elevators
Here\'s a running list of elevators that can be out into \"independent service\" mode through a button combination. If you successfully were able to use a button combination on an elevator, please email us the make and model number for this list.

Otis Elevators (except 1992 models)
Dover (EL546 and ELOD862 models)
Desert Elevators (Except ELD5433 And ELF3655)

If you don\'t know what type of elevator your building has, you can always ask. I work in a 70+ floor building in Manhattan. I sent this email to the building manager.

Dear [name removed],

Random question for you. The elevators we have here in the building are made by Parkline. Is there a button combination to put the elevators into \"Express mode\" or do they require a key? Most elevators can be put into \"Express\" mode by pressing the \"Door Close\" and \"Floor\" buttons at the same time. But not ours.


To which I had the following reply: -

Hi John,

In order to put the elevators on \"independent service,\" a key is required. Independent service is an express mode, where you can go directly to the floor you select without stopping anywhere else. There is no button combination to get into this mode. We need to call the elevator starter from the building to put a car into independent service.

[name removed]

Your success rate at Elevator Hacking will vary depending both on the brand of elevator and functionality of the Door Close button. If you are friendly with the building manager, security guards and/or cleaning staff, try asking them if they know any elevator tricks. They probably know the building much better than you.

Good luck!



Mr_Cheeseon August 17 2006 - 18:08:08
lol random article, but never know could come in useful!
drew_m_noelon August 17 2006 - 19:22:02
lmao @ this article. i just pull out my pda and surf HBH while i wait. Now i wont hafta!
BluMooseon August 17 2006 - 23:06:28
Lol jst read this couple days ago, wanna try that out so bad. Too bad holland is the land of the flatness in all aspects... :angry:
SwiftNomadon August 18 2006 - 01:46:03
Well, this was worth the read. I will try this a few times but let's see!! THANKS FOR THE INFORMATION!
Flaming_figureson August 18 2006 - 15:10:46
Lol. No more doctors stopping us in the hospital Pfft And about the cross walk thing, I think we all already knew that.... but what you dont see is the bug and or camera the government placed in it and they laugh at anyone who uses it..... REALLY! Pfft
minermonkon August 18 2006 - 15:43:45
i love hacking in a non-computer form, taking it out in to the real world and seeing what advantages an indvidual can gainPfft well worth the read
thk-h3xon August 18 2006 - 16:14:39
Nice article, i got to try it later on.
drew_m_noelon August 18 2006 - 19:07:35
actually, where i live, the buttons work. if i press and hold one while a friend does the same at another, it automatcally changes the lights to red and turns on the crossing signal without the traffic light changing to yellow. its funny to watch the cars slam on the brakes when their green light just turns red. lmao. it works every time too.
drew_m_noelon August 18 2006 - 19:07:59
^ oh, thats the ped. crossing lights btw
What_A_Legendon August 19 2006 - 19:12:06
pointless yet awseome article i cant wait to give it a try im goin to try it in harrods lo that be awsome
johnjuan728on April 07 2007 - 00:09:11
Cant wait to try this one out heheGrin
Strickenon May 19 2008 - 07:07:29
Very informative thanks for sharing.. Rate it Very good!Grin
My705on May 20 2008 - 13:36:36
Grin I already read something like this and YES. its works most of the time,... In the netherlands in at least 3 Hotels (van der Valk) and V&D in Utrecht (Service Elivator...Dont ask!) And many more, A tall building in Haarlem did something strange...It first go to lvl 0 and then to 10 ... and at last to 7 where I wanted... so I think that dint worked
My705on May 20 2008 - 13:37:26
Grin I already read something like this and YES. its works most of the time,... In the netherlands in at least 3 Hotels (van der Valk) and V&D in Utrecht (Service Elivator...Dont ask!) And many more, A tall building in Haarlem did something strange...It first go to lvl 0 and then to 10 ... and at last to 7 where I wanted... so I think that dint worked
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