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Monday, April 21, 2014
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An easier JTR tutorial

Arrow Image An easier JTR tutorial for beginners.

This is my first artical so.... xD

This is my first artical so bare with me please. xD

Ok. I'm gonna teach you how to use JTR for windows.

First go to and download the lates JTR windows version (not DOS)

Now unzip it and save the folder to c:\.

Rename the folder "John" so it can be easier. now go to the RUN folder and you will see "John-837" (or something like that) and renaim it "John" Also...

Now find a good DES hash.. Right now I will use:
Now save your hash in a text file called passwd.txt. Put that file in the "RUN" folder of john.

Now go to the start menu and click on run. Now type "cmd" and press "ok"

Now in the command prompt, type:
"cd c:\john\RUN" (Put slashes were they need to go. srry but for some reason this artical wont let me.)

Now type "John passwd.txt" and it will start to brute force the password. Just press any key to see the progress or press "CTRL C" to stopt it. When it's done it will let you know.

Now you can type "john -show passwd.txt" and it will successfuly show you the cracked password :D

Now u've got it! If you still have questions, please PM me or e-mail me at


Ok now for the wordlists.
If you want a better wordlist than google one and download one. I recommend cain and able wordlist. Now take that wordlist and name it 'password.lst' now drag it to the run dir in john and replace it with the cureent one. And there. a better word lists :D


blackbirdon August 14 2006 - 19:48:38
Rate this Grin
Setropon August 14 2006 - 22:20:31
cd c:johnRUN" backslashes...
Setropon August 14 2006 - 22:20:44
oh, sry, you changed it already
xtrmsk8r91on August 15 2006 - 02:39:11
you might want to put something about how to use a wordlist. it's much more efficient, especially since most (if not all) times you need to crack a DES on hbh you can crack it with a good wordlist. also jtr saves cracked passwords in a file called john.pot...i find that useful so you can look back in it after you've closed cmd or whatever. decent artical anyways though.
blackbirdon August 15 2006 - 03:53:31
ok i added it Grin
korgon August 15 2006 - 05:49:42
I already did an article on jtr a while back. I give more info on using the commands for cracking, Nice first try for an articleSmile
korgon August 15 2006 - 09:50:26
A cool way to find all your dir in command is to simply type: cd "space" then keep hitting your "tab" button to browse all your directories.
blackbirdon August 15 2006 - 15:01:18
i know but alot of people still dont understand it so im giving tem the basics and u give them more of it :happy:
keiran420on August 15 2006 - 15:36:25
cheers, ill try this program when i get home, (and reboot my compAngry), i tried it once before, but got nowhere :-/, this should get me started Smile
The_Cellon August 16 2006 - 13:09:22
Nice article but I still think that theargon24M is a better one than the Cain wordlist Pfft
Flaming_figureson September 03 2006 - 12:52:56
Thank you! This helped me at least get going with it.
Backndooron December 11 2006 - 00:53:40
Nice article, you get right to the point, and it did work for me. Nice one Blackbird.
leonhearton January 07 2008 - 20:46:28
brilliant article blackbird. had a few problems with it, but that was down to my pure stupidity. Instead of passwd.txt I put passwd.txt.txt. so when i tried to run passwd.txt it wouldn't. Sorted now typed dir and realized what I had done lol.
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