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Wednesday, July 08, 2020
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let's encrypt with paint and cmd

Arrow Image send text to someone without text being read by any1 else

ok, so here are the steps into the easiest \"undetectable\" encryption u have ever made:

1)open \"paint\"(found in start menu --> accessories --> paint)

2)draw something

3)after the completion of step 2 save you\'re file.. here\'s how:
-----while holding the \"ctrl\" key press the \"s\" key.
-----a window will appear with the title name \"Save As\"
-----select the path where you want to save you\'re file (i.e.: Desktop)
-----now in the lower part of the screen u have two text-boxes, one indicating the name of the file and the other indicating the type of file you wall save
---------in the first box type the name you want for you\'re file. After completing this, click on the second box. You should see a drop-down menu, showing you multiple filetypes. now select the first option on you\'re list and press enter.
---------you have now successfully saved you\'re file :D

4)close paint

5)open cmd(start menu --> run... -->type cmd and press enter) you will now see a window with black background and white text called \"prompt\"

6)now surf to the folder you saved you\'re file using:
--------cd.. (to go up one level)
--------cd folder (where folder is the folder name)(to go to that directory, which must be situated in the directory you currently are in)
--------dir (to show you all the files and directories in the folder u r in if you feel lost)

7)after successfully completing step 6, type in the command prompt the following string (considering that you saved you\'re file as \"file.dib\"):

edit file.dib

8)now you should see a text editor which has a blue background and some strange-looking characters.

9)now surf till the last character of the last line and press enter
-now write the text you want

10)after writing the text save you\'re file. You can do this by:
--------while pressing the \"alt\" key press the \"f\" key and then release both; now you accessed the file menu. from here select \"save\" or just press the \"s\" key.

11)after the completion of step 10 you must exit the text editor; this is done by accessing the \"file\" menu and pressing \"x\" or selecting \"exit\"

~Congratulations~ you have now successfully, (well, actually more hidden :D) than encrypted the text.

12)send you\'re file to the person you want to read the text




HopelessRomanticon August 05 2006 - 22:15:44
Great article, you did a good job walking people through the steps, but I'm not sure whether or not to call this encryption. I would call it steganography, unless the text was encrypted.
intersliceon August 06 2006 - 10:18:36
i agree with hopelessromantic. there isn't a code . you're just hiding the text.
shadeon August 06 2006 - 10:20:55
well, it can be done Wink i myself wrote a text encryptor back when i was like in the 6th-7th grade in pascal, but i see lots of ppl being so obsseses abt sending text encrypted ( or was that just me ? Pfft ) so, i said why not ?:ninja:
keiran420on August 06 2006 - 12:13:12
ok article i guess, its steg, not encryption, and if someone knew there was a hidden message they would find it in seconds.
shadeon August 06 2006 - 13:00:26
the thing is that only the person that is suppose to receive the message will know.. if some1 who is sniffing that guy will open the image will see just an image, he won't realise there is a text, he'll just think is a test to see if image sending works.. <br /> let's say that the FBI is on you; you tell youre friend to "have a close look at this picture Wink" and you type yer message like for example.. "the fbi is wathcing me. go tell the others and start formating coz o can't do shit". when teh fbi will receive the file they will just pass it over, analyse if ther are ADS (Alternate Data Streams) and just delete it. And yes yer rite, maybe it would have been more suitable for the steg..
chislamon August 06 2006 - 20:07:15
lol i wouldnt just say that they would delete it, i think that they would be searching through everything.
Setropon August 06 2006 - 22:32:48
the img looks different here Smile anyway, you can do that in notepad too, no?
shadeon August 07 2006 - 06:09:51
@ chislam : no man with 2 balls ( FBI / CIA etc. ) will look at this... it's simply to irelevant, and besides probably they have no clue what so ever abt this. @ setrop : idk never tryed it Grin
Overlordon August 09 2006 - 22:45:13
hmmm i tried it and w/ notepad i can see the message Smile oh well .. it's easyer for the receicer Pfft
HopelessRomanticon August 12 2006 - 00:20:37
I've heard this, not really sure on it's validity. But, supposedly using this method,allows you to only be able to add a certain amount of text to the end of the file without distorting the image.
dw0rekon August 17 2006 - 03:00:49
@setrop - you can read the msg in notepad but you cant write the msg in notepad since the image then gets modified and can no longer be viewed as an image. First time i've read about this so it taught me something, thx Smile
dw0rekon August 17 2006 - 06:22:23
ok i did some trial and error testing and got these results. If you have a 256 color image it wont get messed up when you apply text to the end of it via cmd --> edit file.bmp but if you have a 24 bit image it will get messy on every line above the lowest line with a color outside the 256 color range. A simple way to ilustrate what i mean is to take any color image you have and make a copy of it. Open the copy in paint and resave the file as 256 color image, you will lose some quality in the picture which is good so that we can see a difference between the original and the 256 color one. Now if you want you can add some text to the 256 color image just to check that it wont change the image at all. After you have tried this open the 256 color image in paint and save it as a 24 bit color image. (if you want you can add text again, it will still look good). This time copy a square from your old 24 bit image and place the square in the middle of the 256 color image (which is saved to keep all 24 bits of colors). Now add text to the image with a square in the middle and the result will become the following. Every pixel above the lowest pixel of the 24 bit square will get messed up with changed colors and also get a but twisted and bent. if you now make want to check that this happens every time try to make the same thing only place the square on a different plance and depending on if you place the square higher or lower, more or less of the picture will be changed and messed up. So if you want to add text to an image make sure that the image is saved as 256 colors before or you wont get a nice output picture. --- Thats what i found out so far Pfft --- all text and no <br> makes dw0rek a dull boy
xenophile7x7on February 12 2007 - 06:31:23
The FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. have all been aware of steganography for several years now. Theres quite a bit of software available to detect stego files, as well as detect anomalies in a file that may reveal the presence of stego. A popular theory stemming back to Sept. 11, 2001, was that terrorists used stego on sites like ebay to make their plans. Stego is a great tool, but still falls under the 'security through obscurity' concept. 'Tis much more effective when combined with crypto. This is a great method for passin info around at school or amongst friends, but I wouldn't bet my jury verdict on it. Either way, great article. I'm not trying to criticize, just remind everyone that confidence and complacency get you caught. Perceptions like "no man with 2 balls ( FBI / CIA etc. ) will look at this... it's simply to irelevant, and besides probably they have no clue what so ever abt this." are what get most people caught. I'm a firm believer in the survival of the paranoid!
TotcoSon March 20 2007 - 15:23:22
cd.. doesnt go up a directory it goes back
cis_slayeron July 07 2007 - 19:03:52
i dont know if someone alraedy said this...but you can also edit jpg images in the ms-dos editor....because when you choose the first file extension on your lose pic quality.....bad....
chess_rockon April 15 2012 - 02:40:14
This article cannot be serious... Tell me that's a joke please o_O
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