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Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Ports to watch on networks

Arrow Image Here is a listing of common ports that will be open and the protocol that coincides to this port listing.

Here is a listing of common ports that will be open and the protocol that coincides to this port listing.

Port # Port Protocol More Information
7 Echo An Echo server returns whatever data is received to the originating source.
21 FTP, control The FTP specification says that by default, all data transfers should be over a single connection.
22 SSH SSH is a protocol for secure remote login and other secure network services over an insecure network.
23 Telnet The Telnet protocol defines an interactive, text based communications session between a client and a host.
25 SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
38 RAP RAP operates on TCP with peers opening a symmetric TCP connection between the RAP ports on each system. Thus only one RAP connection exists between any pair of peers.
53 DNS Domain Name System.
80 HTTP HTTP is an application level protocol with the lightness and speed necessary for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems.
88 Kerberos Network Authentication Protocol
110 POP3 Post Office Protocol version 3
137 NetBIOS Name Service for NetBIOS
443 HTTPS Secure HTTP Protocol suite
464 Kerberos Change/set password for Kerberos
520 RIP RIP version 1 (RIPv1) is a simple distance vector protocol.
1194 OpenVPN Open VPN Protocol Port
1512 WINS Windows Internet Name Service

This list of basic ports and what they are used for can help you on your way to better securing your network. If ports are open that are not needed…CLOSE THEM!

Taken from Issue 1 of HBHZINE written by me!


system_meltdownon July 25 2006 - 21:34:00
Nice article aldar
cubeman372on July 25 2006 - 21:37:34
Very handy. /me is saving this in notepad for future reference!
tancurromon July 26 2006 - 00:14:41
Yeah, this is really sound info! woot! :happy:
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