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Arrow Image An essay i wrote about classification of hackers.

A hacker is a hacker that hacks.
Although I dont know who said this it is clear to most what is being said. Regular less of what they say and do its all the same. But there is a difference in hackers. Although mostly seen and noticed in hacker communities there are different types.

The first way to classify hackers is by their hat. This is just what they do when hacking, and there are two hats, White and Black. White hat hackers are typically the good guys. When they compromise a system they will fix it so that future attacks can not happen through their method. Or they will contact the administration to inform them of their security gap. The White hat hackers are very rarely heard or talked about. They go into a system to satisfy their curiosity of whats inside and once satisfied, they leave without damaging the computer and sometimes making it more secure.

Black hat hackers are the ones to fear. They go into a system and destroy, damage and corrupt data. These are the ones that you hear about in the media, 13yr Old Boy Destroys Microsoft System. Trial Next Week 'System suddenly down, thousands of users go offline.' This is the typical image of what people thing of when they think oh hackers.

In life there is not a clear line between good and bad there is a grey area, such is the case with the hacker hats. There are Grey hat hackers too. These are ones that do not always intentionally damage computers but in the process of hacking they may destroy things. They tend to be more white then black in their color.

Good and bad, white and black, up and down. So there are opposites they still hack into computer systems. Well the second method of hacker classification is how they go about the hacking.

Biggest and Widest group would be by theirs hack styles' basically, how they pull the hack. The first group and loathed by most people in hacker communities are the Script Kiddies. These hackers wish to just use a program, such as Sub7 and rebuilt
Viruses/Trojans, someone else made and use it to hack. They dont want to learn how to make the program them selves or how to hack themselves. Script kiddies tend to think of them selves as leet, which is basically the highest level of hacking. They will speak in a language know as 31337, or 1337, or eleet/leet. The language is seen as immature nowadays ands original use was to hide hackers pages from search engines by replacing numbers and symbols for letters. Such as 3 is for E and 1 is and I J or L, also @ for A, theres others but Im not going to cover them. Script Kiddies are the scum found between hackers toes that no one wants. Some may carefully set it down, and explain or help them. Some just toss it at flames and make fun of them, and others just ignore them completely.

Next would be the Beginner, this is a person that doesnt have much experience and are trying to advance the hacking ladder. This group can be broken into two sub categories. One is the n00b, these people are almost as bad as Script Kiddies, some times worse. n00b are found on message boards, and chat rooms saying things such as '734CH M3 2 |-|@K', Teach me to hack, or 'K4N J00 |-|@CK THIS', Can you hack this, most people that do this get flamed, bad mouthed, by the better hackers, as they tent to think that hacking is easy, but hacking takes time and smarts. Sometimes you get lucks; sometimes it will take a day or 3. The Second Sub Category are the newbies, these people are the ones that may actually become hackers. They ask intelligent questions such as 'Why, when I do this, did I get that error?' Hackers favor these as they are trying to learn. They will speak in plain English and ask for answers not for someone to hack something for them.

Climbing the rungs on the hacking ladder we find the intermediate and advance. This is the hackers that have experience under their belt. Want to avoid pissing these people off you your hard drive may encounter some problems. This group is the ones that have pulled off successful attacks and are not know about or at least caught. I listed two groups here as the only difference is their experience, and advance having more then the intermediate.

The highest group here is the E-Leet group. This will be a controversial group as people dont always agree. Some would say that Kevin Mitnick is E-Leet for his highly intelligent use of Social Engineering and hacking capabilities, but some may call him a wanna be fraud. Mostly people have their idols in this group.

Ok I mentioned one more thing, Social Engeneering, The Art Of Deception by Kevin Mitnick. This is a great book to find out a lot about the subject. Although I dont think this is hacking they are often found happening at the same time and thats why I am including it. But the basic concept is to infiltrate a company by acting like one that is in the company. For example you call a company called InTropispheer and act as Ray Callahan, which is the companys computer ground manager. You call John Kant, and employee and tell him that your having trouble logging into the computer and ask for them to try to login. When they can ask for their name and password telling them that you will just use their password for the time being so you can complete your job. If they gave it to you, they you just accomplished the attack. The best method to get a successful attack is to know the lingo for the victim. If they use a verification method know how it works to get past it.

Im sure that hackers will have different things to say about the topics, but I have tried to accommodate the majority of hackers when considering the definition for these group.



rolyinon March 26 2005 - 12:51:56
I agree with most of what is in this article which would put me in the newbie groupe Grin
AbSoRbon August 20 2005 - 21:12:27
This is a really good article Smile I'm pretty sure i'm a newbie grey hat
MetalDawgon September 25 2005 - 00:29:08
I thinks thats spot on mate good job
Neoquestyon October 20 2005 - 18:56:12
nice work CrazzyWarrior. liked the article. i can now classify myselfPfft yesssssssss
EnglishPandaon May 29 2006 - 15:57:19
Nice article, definitly worth a read or two.
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