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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Recording Streaming Audio (yahoo videos, .pls, .asx, etc... )

Arrow Image Disclaimer: I am not responsible for you misusing this tutorial, or any damage brought upon yourself or your computer. This for educational purposes only, and should not be used for illegal music recording or distribution. *who am i kidding?

Many people ask me how to record audio from yahoo videos, soundboards, and most all playlists (.pls or .asx) to their hard drives in .mp3 or .wav format. Well, today is your lucky day b/c. I\'m letting the cat out of the bag.

Let us hypothetically suggest that (digitally imported) and all Electronic music artists grant you the permission to copy their music to your HDD, what will you do:

a) Just sit their and keep listening
b) buy as many external HDD and start saving the audio?

(spoiler: it\'s not A)

To get to the meat of the tutorial... what you need to do is:

Open up your [SOUND RECORDER]
(Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> Entertainment --> sound recorder )

Notice how when you click RECORD is get its input from the microphone and records your voice. We will try to \"hack\" this process and make it record from the computer.

To do this:

a. Double Click your VOLUME control from your system tray, go to PROPERTIES.
Make sure () Playback is NOT checked.
And (X) Recording is checked.

b. In, \"Show the following Volume Controls\"
and uncheck () MICROPHONE

Now, you\'re set to go. So test out your configuration, by actually recording a streaming audio playlist (I recommend Click on a playlist so it plays, and get SOUND RECORDER ready. When you want to record press RECORD, and when you want to stop, just press STOP. Play the recording to hear what you recorded. SAVE it if you like it and are done. It\'s saved as .wav (but you can convert it to .mp3 easily with the new Windows Media Player 11 converter).

NOTE1: Sound Recorder has a limit of 1min recording, I haven\'t twiddled around with it to max its recording time, but I think audacity might record longer...

NOTE2: This article is not meant for people who already know this stuff. This method is NOT the only way to record streaming audio from the internet.


drew_m_noelon July 18 2006 - 14:41:26
w00t, i've known this method for many years, but was too lazy to ever write an article on it. As for the 'max' simple make sure no audio is coming from ur speakers and hit record. after it stops, hit it again, after it stops, hit record again etc. until its about 6 mins long. then save that as 'template' and open that instead of making a new one each time. once ur done recording the audio, save AS whatever u want. i found i can get more music via Limewire PRO, but whatever floats ur boat i guess.
regiton July 18 2006 - 17:19:48
Nice artical, i use other methods of doing it, but this is a good way too.
AbSoRbon July 19 2006 - 17:19:41
Now people can record HBH Radio ! Pfft Great article, I didn't know how to do it, so thanks Grin
fishhead565on July 24 2006 - 23:35:31
Good article, Audacity does hold more though i think it will keep recording until you run out of harddrive space
cirkoon July 31 2006 - 10:50:16
Thanks Grin, love this.
DotHacker0on August 09 2006 - 07:17:34
I can't find my sound recorderSad
netfishon August 15 2006 - 22:25:29
yes, Audacity (haven't thought of it)... *nix http://audacity.s. . .load/linux Win http://audacity.s. . .ad/windows Mac http://audacity.s. . .wnload/mac
mastergameron November 08 2006 - 21:07:00
It dosen't work for me Sad
sirus69on March 06 2007 - 08:17:10
what a stupid article
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