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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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The Revised Great hacking war

Arrow Image Sources from Wiki and re written

Well after the comments of my pervious Article “The Great Hacker War” I thought I will re write it with more information.

Well here it goes.

The war started in 1990-1991 and was a conflict between two hacking groups. These groups were called Masters of Deception (MoD) And Legion of Doom (LoD) They would try to hack each others computers, This took place across the internet, X.25 And phone networks.

The war started to kick of in the space of a few days.

(Thanks to Wiki for this timeline)

Event one:-

The closing of the board “Fifth Amendment” who was home to many of the greatest hackers of the time, was run by the members of the (LoD) There leader was called Eric Bloodaxe and more famously Loyd Blankenship aka The Mentor.

The closing of the board which was blamed on corrupt who was a member of the group Masters of Deception. He left a cryptic message to all the users. He warned the uses that the board was a honey pot (A computer system set up as a trap for attackers). also pointed out that Chris Goggans (Eric Bloodaxe) had turned informant.

Event two:-

Prank calls were made to the Eric’s home, Upsetting him. He then told everyone to find the personal information of the members of the (MoD) Peacemakers tried to solve the issue but when the MoD members decided to join the telephone conference call silently they heard the racial abuse to members of the MoD. This then followed into more prank calls to the members of the LoD.

Event three:-

A late night peace phone call between Erik and Phiber optik (MoD) unknown to Erik he was on three way with another member of the MoD group. The third person was John Lee (corrupt) Erik was angry that Phiber did not furfil his demands for the personal information of MoD members and certain hacking material that he thought belong to LoD

Erik Shouted loudly into the phone that phiber and other members would be sorry for his personal views of bonding with N*****, S****, and white *****. That night prank calls were made to Optiks home number and a bounty was put on the heads of the MoD members.

Event Four:-

The members of MoD thought it would be a good idea to listen in on Erik Bloodaxes phone calls to discover his true motives.
They found out that Goggans, Doc Holiday and Malefactor had decided to make a security group called ComSec. They handed over all information on reported hacker activities and especially there hated enemies MoD.

MoD tried to go public with the information in the phone call but the information drifted away because LoD was well known in the online scene.

These events led to the main members of MoD coming to the conclusion that only a Great hacking war was the only way to stop Chris Goggans and his members. That day the war began and it waged a crossed many networks a crossed the globe.
“One key strategic failure in the LoD offense that led to the attrition of LoD resources in the war was that MoD has usurped control of all telephone , x.25 and TCP/IP entry points in Texas where most LoD members where located. Using these monitoring techniques, MoD they slowly took away all access to systems under LoD control and made them their own” -Wiki-

The war ended with the swift defeat of LoD, but the message of Erik selling out other hackers went unheard by most. MoD\'s higher profile after their victory brought notoriety in the press, but also increased monitoring from federal authorities which would lead to their eventual downfall.

“ComSec was still formed, although it folded shortly thereafter from a public scandal involving social engineering rival firms for their rates and services which made it difficult to secure contracts for the fledging firm. Malefactor (Jake Kenyon Shulman) a founding member of ComSec, and a member of the new LoD who was involved in the Great Hacker War later told Phiber Optik that he was uncomfortable with Chris Goggans habitual practice of informing on active hackers, mostly underage kids, by gaining their trust via the LoD name.” -Wiki-


godon July 08 2006 - 18:59:02
well said.. 9/10 Pfft
WaTcHeRon July 08 2006 - 23:20:10
Hello Smile
cubeman372on July 09 2006 - 00:10:34
All I can say is when is round two?
insane_phreakon July 10 2006 - 06:43:37
lol at cubeman
insane_phreakon July 10 2006 - 06:43:49
oh ya good article watcher
Wsoprulz1299on July 12 2006 - 16:20:29
this is the most pointless article ever, you revised about two words from the wiki, might as well just given us the URL.....
WaTcHeRon July 13 2006 - 09:34:11
Wsoprulz1299 You obviously can't read then you fag..... How about you go back to school? just a thought.
Acrylic_Sessionson July 23 2006 - 20:44:48
This makes The Mentor sound like a total sell-out....
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